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  1. Warped Devotion
    04.22.04, 5:52 pm

    Internal Exile,
    Outcasted by the outside.
    Prisoner of Despair,
    No one cares.
    Try this on for a change,
    If only I could do the same.
    There or not,
    The concern is dwindling.
    Even without a thing called life,
    I can and will carry on.
    Let me arm myself,
    Because I'm almost there,
    But I'm puncturing your heart,
    The place I've always sought.

    I'm tired, I'm tired,
    Find someone else to cling to.
    I'm tired, I'm tired,
    I won't have you now.
    I'm tired, I'm tired,
    Leave me alone to die.

    Attempting to light the fire,
    I burned myself.
    So ok just fuck it,
    I'll drift in the breeze.
    I'm being blown away,
    By you, Everyday.
    And I'm about to fire back,
    A few regrets,
    And nothing to spare,
    I'll go ahead and take my chances,
    On things you don't think I'd dare.

    I'm tired, I'm tired
    Find someone else to cling to.
    I'm tired, I'm tired,
    I can't have you now,
    I'm tired, I'm tired,
    Leave me alone to die
    To escape, far away.

    Armed, Locked, Loaded,
    I'm ready for a final battle,
    The last stand.
    Marching forward,
    Under a magenta sky,
    Remembering in all the shadows
    Just how hard I tried.
    Fearing for what was,
    And what will come,
    I can't help but reconsider,
    What will be done.
    As I stood there in thought,
    It was the perfect chance
    To take me down,
    I've been caught.
    Once again, I'm ready to die,
    I'll just stand here,
    And watch all your shells
    Drop from the sky.