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  1. Just a little bit of dust
    To throw in your face and choke,
    So you'll have something to do
    While they continue all the
    Things they put you through.
    Laugh it up, its one big joke,
    Life was always a failed test,
    God's little experiment gone wrong.

    Figure this if you can,
    They all just sang along,
    So while you screamed
    We could just keep the smile,
    Because we couldn't get enough.
    You just aren't all that tough,
    But you know that.

    Eye for an eye
    Just what you deserve,
    Eye to eye
    Your logic is so disturbed
    That you see without sight,
    But now things are being set straight,
    And you will have to like it,
    And you may try to fight it,
    But know this you always fail it.

    They're wall to wall,
    And you're soon finding that
    You were never above the law,
    And that they had always known,
    But you took the chances,
    Always your fatal flaw.

    Stand up, March,
    Just keep on moving,
    You're getting yours.
    Dive, and cry,
    It's time for us all to have
    The revenge we were denied.
    See how if feels,
    When we just rip at your flesh,
    And it begins to peel,
    To get under the skin.
    We pick our way through,
    Kill your thoughts,
    Murder your mind,
    My my, you're pretty weak,
    What a find.

    No cure for the tragic,
    Just more weights on their heads.
    Some fall over, and all is balanced,
    The time keeps on moving,
    The time keeps on moving,
    The time keeps on moving,
    The time keeps on moving...

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      [IMG]friggin' hot goth chick[/IMG]

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      I never knew you were a TG fan.