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  1. I just recently started playing a table-top miniatures game called Warhammer 40K, which is a table-top miniatures game. For those of you (I'm assuming the majority) who're unfamiliar with this game, it's a futuristic game that takes place in the 41st century when everything is ravaged by war. There are several factions you can play as, too, each with their own background and reason for battle. The game itself has missions and objectives, and is comparible to the pc game Starcraft in that aspect. It's an expensive game to get started on but is well worth the fun and time. You buy pieces which are like models, as you have to glue them together (mostly customizable), paint them yourself, and mount them on their base. You don't have to paint them but you can do some really cool paint jobs as I'm going to post that I've done on mine. Another fun part of it is building terrain to play on, which I'm also posting. This last week off and on I've been working on terrain for the game and have completed a board :D It's about 3.7 ft. by 4 ft. and contains obstacles and more :D

    The toxin pools

    This is the south-west side of the board. You can see where toxin pools are dominant, there's crater formed out of some foam stuff I carved and stuck down using wall-repair putty. I made the ground out of sand and spray painted it, and a few pebbles are scattered about. I also used old vaccum tubes and painted them black for the pipes the toxin appears to be coming from.

    The rest of the board

    On the right side you can see the black structure where a charred bunker is, made out of an old container. Next to it is a smoke-stack/tower made out of a wierd part of the end of a vacuum tube. Next to that is a complex of smoke stacks/towers, the biggest just some junk laying around my grandfather's garage, and the two smaller stacks next to it a tube I cut in half that was also in the same junk pile. Next to them you can see a vent to an underground tunnel (i'm just making that up, there's no tunnel there, but I'm gonna say that's what it's for since you can't open it ;)), made out of some wierd thing on a pool pump (again from the junk pile), and then another pipe leaking toxin (more vacuum tubing).

    The entire project was based around junk and stuff found freely around the house, the only thing I had to spend money on was spray paint which doesn't cost much at all. It went very well in the end :) And now these guys can play on it that I've painted (5 down, 11 to go)

    The models, thusfar

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    2. toxicfluff


      That terrain looks awesome.

      I used to play, years ago. But not in a serious manner with the established rules, since I mainly just got the minatures to paint them. I sold my tyranid army off though, when I moved countries. Shame, I had a really nice lead Carnifex (do they still do those?).

    3. Melfice


      insertwackynamehere said:

      Heh I play LOTR Gameworkshop game. But nice terrains, they always looked fun to build :D

      I saw those on the website. I'm not really a big fan of LotR though unfortunately.

      Right now I'm working on another terrain piece that has 2 floors and is a space station :D

    4. Danarchy


      toxicfluff said:

      Shame, I had a really nice lead Carnifex (do they still do those?).

      Of course. What would a tyranid army be without a carnifex?