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  1. I'm looking into getting some Skinny Puppy music, I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for some songs to look for? Or albums as a whole, too.

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    2. cyanide-x


      I got into Skinny Puppy after listening to Brap 3 & 4 about 4 years ago through my friend. But I think The Singles Collection would be a good starting point for most people who don't normally listen to music that is experiemental, and not on top 40 or MTV. Like the last guy said, it has most of their better songs on that disc.

      TGWOTR and The Process have more of a polished, and pop constructed influence, as opposed to their earlier works like Rabies and Too Dark Park. But their still good albums.

      My Favorite song is Smothered Hope. It's like an electro-dance song I guess you say. I happen to like that stuff though heh.
      Another one would be Testure. It's good weird dark stuff heh. Just try not to listen to too much of it. I dunno it made me kind of morbid after a while.

      Hope this helps.

    3. Ed


      The Process is one of the best albums Iv'e ever heard, curse you! Honestly though, I HATED Process when I first heard it.. somehow it grew on me the more Iv'e written music myself.. My SP list, from best to 'worst' (I use that term loosely, as all puppy rocks in one way or another):

      Live in Dresden
      Too Dark Park
      The Process
      Last Rights

    4. Danarchy


      My list would go:

      The Process
      Greater Wrong of the Right
      Too Dark Park
      Last Rights
      Mind: TPI
      Puppy Gristle
      Back and Forth 2

      And that's about all I've heard.