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  1. Well the last two nights have been rather productive thusfar. Last night I was asked by fellow forum member Dunbar to do the .mp3 soundtrack for an upcoming ZDoom mod. Gladly I obliged and began to ask for details on a few places so I could begin since I was in the mood to do some music anyway. Sometime soon after more work on the maps themselves have been done I'm sure there'll word about it around here. I asked persmission to share a few of the tracks I've made thusfar for it. So here's a little preview of what my last couple nights have been spent making.

    The Sewers, Level 1 (think ninja & mutant infested sewers)
    The Subway, Level 1
    The Subway, Boss Theme

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    2. rf`


      I see no moose. I see no crackpots either.

    3. Danarchy


      This is moose music, in the light of the moose.

    4. Bucket


      These tracks are good on the whole, but the boss music doesn't grab me like it should. Try using that as a different level(maybe one with a tech theme)... and try something a little more hardcore for the boss music.