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  1. I've got a friend who's moving here from Holland, so I'm trying to help him get some information. If you can't tell me yourself but know a link to a website it'd help greatly.

    First, what does it take to get a Visa/how much does it cost/etc.?

    Second, do you all know of any good websites to figure out how much it would cost to Kansas City from Amsterdam (or Rotterdam would be better if possible)? I've tried seeing how much it would cost on Expedia.com but to no avail.

    Thirdly, when you fly over here like that, what would one do about his/her possessions? Like how much can you take with you?

    I'd appreciate any help at all :)

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    2. Gokuma


      Moving from another country to Missouri? Missouri?! Origin of the Bush States' (Florida+Texas) vote counting policies (their old compromise)?

    3. Bloodshedder


      Lüt said:



    4. Melfice


      I found the info I need elsewhere...