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  1. In the midst of creating a website for TeamKill, I began messing around with my website and decided to mature it a bit. It's no longer quite as chaotic. It's a flash site, but I think I've managed it pretty well. The links are down minus the 'News' section which loads up on start, but I just wanted to post it here to showoff the new interface :)

    Journey of the Lost

    The website is also home for a music project me and a friend are working on. Note the link at the bottom to my other website *hint*hint* thats more doom related. And that one *is* complete.

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    2. insertwackynamehere


      Fredrik said:

      1. Don't use frames.

      2. Don't use a splash screen.

      3. Don't use Flash.

      4. No useless decorations.

      5. Compliant markup.

      Heh I passed Fredrik's test in that case.

      I personally like the site, I've always wanted to do something in flash, but I'm not paying for it or warezing so yeah. I've always like Boris' web design techniques which is what I based the general idea of wackyhq on (think wip with blue and white theme).

    3. Sharessa
    4. Fredrik


      Flash is for flashers.