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  1. Melfice

    Unofficial Doom 3 Movie Site

    This popped up out of nowhere and I honestly have no idea wether this would be fake or not. But considering that the movie has been filming since October and is scheduled (assuming the schedule wasn't disrupted) to end filming on January 28th, 2005, who knows. http://www.doom.aktualne.cz/ There's 3 pictures here. One which the person claims to be the stand-ins for actors, a second that is some sort of helicopter or something hanging from a crane, and a third one of what is supposedly a UAC I.D. card scanner with a number pad that looks photoshopped (to me).
  2. Melfice

    Apparently EA sucks

    I agree there, minus Bungie, as I despise Halo.
  3. Melfice

    Sign the Doom Movie petition

    I said I enjoy movies instead of trying to find something wrong with them. In this case, it's not about the movie being good, it's about them fucking with the original story of Doom. For all I know it could be good with the changes they've made to the storyline, but I'd still like it to be more Doom-oriented.
  4. Melfice

    Sign the Doom Movie petition

    Instead of people laughing and making fun of the petition maybe they should quit being mongs and help instead. I'll sign it.
  5. Melfice

    Doom Movie Info

    How the hell have you escaped your title being "Moron" this far? To answer your question, no. There's alot older people acting than Bruce, and besides, alot of the older actors are the best actors of all time because they've been doing it as long as they have. You might refrain from typing half of your post in all caps, it's really fucking annoying.
  6. So lately things have been between exciting and boring. I got the packet of information from the Illinois Institute of Arts yesterday, a few days earlier than they said I'd receive it. Looking through it, I was amazed at the stuff. It's a bit overwhelming, really. They had some facts in there, and I found out that starting salaries for Graphic Artists (Game Design falls under that catagory) usually start out making $45,300 a year. Like, woah. I'll be doing alot more with my life than alot of people I know will, and makes a feeling of greatness. It also came with a course outline of what I'd be doing for each quarter and everything, and then a bunch of other info. Next week I have an appointment with Mrs. Hendrin (my former High School counceller) to see about scholarships and funds and stuff like that. This whole thing has me so excited and looking forward to life. For once I have a direction, and think I'll beable to enjoy my future, and I'll beable to make friends like myself and actually get to hang out more than once a month.

    I'm trying to decide a way to lose weight. I've thought about a low-carb diet or something on the order of that I dunno. I was watching the food channel today and the show on there was called "Low Carb and Lovin It", and he claimed to lose a ton of weight, as well as his family. Hah I feel really weird typing this into this journal, I'm actually talking about health stuff. But hey, atleast I'm not gonna endanger myself with it or get carried away. The way I see it, a person can be healthy and watch their weight and everything with getting completely carried away over it and end up annorexic or giving up meat.

    Also I found my 1st Ed. AD&D Player's Handbook, Deities & Demigods Manual, and 1st Ed. Monster Manuals yesterday. It's kind of funny to look at the stuff in them. The artwork is old, but still god...in a way.

    Tommorrow night Lance said something about coming over which would be cool. I think I'm gonna proxy up most of what I'm missing because all the stuff's on the way. I have three T2/Standard decks under construction right now. The closest to being done is Mono-Red, however the most realistic of being done first is my Mono-Blue even though it's farthest from complete. The Mono-Blue seems like it'll be the funnest. Cards in italics I already have, cards with a * are on the way via snail-mail trading

    25 land
    1 Minamo, School at Water's Edge
    18 Island
    3 Stalking Stones
    3 Blinkmoth Nexus***

    5 creatures
    2 Meloku the Clouded Mirror**
    3 Keiga, the Tide Star

    30 other spells
    2 Oblivion Stone**
    3 Echoing Truth
    3 Relic Barrier
    4 Hinder
    3 Condescend
    4 Thirst for Knowledge****
    4 Mana Leak
    3 Annul
    4 Vedalken Shackles****
    3 Last Word

    So I don't have much to get.


    Bahahahahahaha missle go boom.

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    2. Bucket


      Aww, all he wanted to do was share his feelings. I feel bad.
      OK, done feeling bad. Who wants ice cream?

    3. rf`


      Lüt said:

      That's two words.

      Actually i was referring to the fact that most of melfice's posts lock my thought into a prison from which it shriveled up and died.

    4. Nmn


      Dron said:

      Well that was funny. :)

  7. 12/10/04 04:13 am - Real.

    It hit me earlier, and the more I think about it, the more I know the answer. Is there anyone real out there anymore, or is everyone just part of some following? Are there any real people out there anymore. The ones who don't go around with some gimmick they've attached to just because it looks cool at the time, while it slowly fades away and a new one forms so they'll always have a place to belong? Think about it. You know the answer. No, there isn't. Okay, so maybe there's a rare few (a few, when in comparison to the world, keep in mind, can mean several) that are, but otherwise, no. It's sickening to me. As an artistic person, an individual, a unique individual, different from everyone else in the fact that every person is born unique, that someone would want to conform and people have to survive socially by clinging to groups that they claim they like or are cool. Why not just be ourselves? Is it because people are that boring, that they feel the need to continuously reject their own uniqueness in order to belong? Are humans really pathetic enough that they can't have a social life without this? Seriously. Think about it. Think of the people around you, that you know. Think about yourself. Do you have your own meanings, your own set of things that you stand for, or are your morals and standards merely a carbon-copy of a thousand other people's that belong in the same clique as you? It's a crime if the answer is yes, because you know what? It changes you. And I've seen it happen several times over. You change who you are subtly until you're something you're not, and then you don't even realize it because you can't see it through other people's eyes. It's one thing to share the same ideal as someone else does, to stand on common grounds, it's another thing to conform to eachother or a group throwing away your real personality in order to be completely part of that clique. People that do this, to be blunt sicken me. And you probably do, too.

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    2. Danarchy


      I've always just ben myself and not cared what people thought of me, and I never really thought much of the percieved cliques I ran into. Hell, the clique definitions were rather fuzzy at my school. People usualy appeared to be a mix of 3 or 4 types. We really just divided into groups of friends. Heh...

    3. insertwackynamehere


      Danarchy said:

      I've always just ben myself and not cared what people thought of me, and I never really thought much of the percieved cliques I ran into. Hell, the clique definitions were rather fuzzy at my school. People usualy appeared to be a mix of 3 or 4 types. We really just divided into groups of friends. Heh...

      *shakes head* These kids are in more denial than an alcoholic "I can quit anytime"

    4. Melfice


      Heh, of course, everyone here is too satisfied with themselves (or is it full of themselves) to take in any of this. Closed due to thread failure.

      BTW, I wasn't very clear. I was talking about all the sub-groups people cling to, like Emo, Goth, Hardcore, Straightedge, etc.

  8. Melfice

    Doom Movie Info

  9. Melfice

    Doom Movie Info

    Personally, I'd prefer Bruce Willis for The Rock's role in the movie.
  10. Melfice

    Doom Movie Info

    At this point I don't really give a shit anymore, and I don't know why any of you do either, to be blunt. Why care now all of a sudden anyway, everyone's opinion was that it was "going to suck" for some reason or another before.
  11. Melfice

    TNT4 Screenshots

    Yeah, that happens when somethings better than something else, people tend to migrate to the better thing.
  12. Melfice

    Spork Realm

    Well even if it's not your own design I'll go against the flow and say I like it. It's simplistic and very easy to nagivate, and the colors match well so it's not an eye-sore. The only thing I have against this is it being so white. Darker pages with light text are usually way more comfortable on the eyes and less stressful. It makes it easier to look at a page for an extended amount of time.
  13. Melfice

    What kind of a Player are You?

    Hobby. I play all kinds of gaming. Magic, Warhammer40K, Video games, etc.
  14. Melfice

    Awesome Doom Movie News!!

    Woah didn't notice that, awesome :D I don't think The Rock would be that big of a deal or suckage-factor since he's not playing the lead roll. I think him acting would be helped a LOT if people weren't so used to knowing him as coming from a pro wrestling background.
  15. Melfice

    Doom Movie Info

    Well there's some people that don't settle for less, and would prefer if things were left the way they should be. No one cares about a Fan Fiction Doom movie, people want a movie about DOOM. Shit, a movie based on DOOM 3's storyline was an excellent idea. The fact that you're trying to be patient with them and accept what (we think) is happening with the movie is admirable, but unfortunately there's those of us who were looking forward to this movie, and now they've gone (we think) and fucked it up completely. There may be fanfictions but you don't mess with the original storyline and the way it was meant to be. You especially don't go off and rip off another shitty movie franchise and use the same basic idea for a good story which the original ideas for it were better anyway. I'm sorry but the demons being infected humans is absolutely fucking idiotic. That's not Doom, at all. Especially if there's nothing to do with Hell. If the information we've been given is true we are no longer the DOOM universe but a completely different place where the monsters just happen to look like DOOM monsters.
  16. Melfice

    Doom Movie Info

    I agree. This is unacceptable. It's not like these are minor changes that won't make much difference. What we're facing, if this news is true and not false, is merely Resident Evil set in outer space. And we all know, as people who play Doom, that Resident Evil and Doom do NOT mix. They didn't spend 4 FUCKING YEARS on DOOM 3 as well as incorperating the original story into the game just to have a movie about the events in the game COMPLETELY OFF of what DOOM is. I don't care if they think the changes are "Better" or "Appeal to christian audiences better", this is DOOM, and it should stay that way. This is completely fucking stupid. Sure, there were no doubts that the movie might have ended up sucking, but atleast if it sucks it could be about DOOM, not fucking RESIDENT EVIL RIPOFFS.
  17. Melfice

    Awesome Doom Movie News!!

    I'm going into denial and hoping this is all bullshit. What we have is fucking Resident Evil 3: Outerspace Infection or some shit like that. God. What a fucking rip. I find it hard to believe Id would let them do that. It's fucking sickening.
  18. Melfice


    A Perfect Circle Aphex Twin Coal Chamber Dave Navarro David Bowie Deftones Disturbed Dream Theater Fear Factory Jack Off Jill Jamiroquai Joy Division Juno Reactor Kittie Kraftwerk KMFDM Korn Linkin Park Malice Mizer Marco D'Ambrosio Marilyn Manson Nine Inch Nails Nirvana Orbital Orgy Ozzy Osbourne Radiohead Rage Against the Machine Rammstein Rob Zombie Skinny Puppy Slipknot Sonic Mayhem System of a Down The Crystal Method The Prodigy Thursday Tool Tweaker Urban Voodoo
  19. Melfice

    Doom 3 Hell On Earth Pain Elemental

    I don't have any screenshots, but their teeth appear to be strictly metal, and their jaw is connected to the upper skull with mechanics, also they have an engine of somesort in the back of their head that propels them in the air by creating the jet flame.
  20. Melfice

    New Aphex Twin Material

    Apparently sometime later this year Rephlex is gonna release two track EP called "Analord 10," the first all-new Aphex Twin record to see release since drukQs. It comes in a weird binder-style case and is said to be the first of a series. 180-gram vinyl only. It's been leaked to the net though so I'm sure if you want it in your car or whatever you can find it somewhere.
  21. Melfice

    New Aphex Twin Material

    Now let someone pretend like they care.
  22. Melfice

    Resurrection of Evil details

    The UAC probably had him relieved of his military duties or something and pulled some CIA crap where if he says anything about it to anyone he's history. The UAC's excuse for the fall of Mars Base pisses me off because TeamKill (which I am part of) is working on a Doom 3 prequel that takes place on the moon, and that was the same excuse I came up with for the base there getting closed down. God damn it.