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  1. I'd love to see ZScript implemented, but that's when it gets fully completed!
  2. Could I please have: Map: MAP22 Format: Boom Theme: Plutonia
  3. By the screenshots, it looks pretty good!
  4. EDIT: Nevermind, thought it was something for Deathmatch.
  5. Nope, this one is.
  6. supports using layers, blend modes, filters, dithering, etc. in billions (not really) of colours.
  7. It's on eBay for nearly $3,000.
  8. It was overhyped, and when I first played it, I thought 'Why is this such a big deal?'
  9. Chex Quest 3 (The one made by the Digital Cafe) is the definitive fix of Chex Quest, makes fixes to maps, new episode, etc, etc.
  10. Quite nice, what's the project called?
  11. Not mine, but Cage's "Doom the Way Midway Did" is a really badass and quite loyal texture set to the original Doom64 textures.
  12. Rolling, planning to release a map before school starts