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  1. It's always been that system that I want to love but just can't get into. I play quite a lot of Atari's arcade games, just not on the 2600.
  2. I have an original DMG model Game Boy. It's still chugging as I maintain it, though I do prefer my color. The games though? Nah I just use a flashcart.
  3. Chronosplit

    What weapons do you dislike seeing in mods?

    Sniper Rifles and Railguns usually end up completely unused by me outside ofna deathmatch. Also trap weapons like landmines and multiple pistols/shotguns that don't really have a unique use.
  4. Chronosplit

    Opinion: Beautiful Doom is underrated and Brutal Doom is boring

    I prefer Beautiful Doom leaps and bounds if I were to choose, but I'd take Smooth Doom over that. Droplets is also worth mentioning over Ketchup for me. Since people are also talking other weapon/character mods, High Noon Drifter is about the best I've run into that doesn't change monsters. Everything there is just awesome.