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  1. VeeTHis

    8,000+ MONSTER MAP. (WIP)

    "Nuts 4: The Super Duper Extreme Ultimate Computer Killing Challenge" Anyways, seems interesting.
  2. VeeTHis

    Charlie - my third doom map

    Just finished it. I like this WAD. The style of it looks very good, and it is decently long. The enemy placement was fine for the most part, with some sections being a bit weird in the enemy placement department. The difficulty was about Medium, I'd say, even though I still got my ass kicked. The ammo was pretty commonly placed, which kinda subtracted some of the challenge from the level. Some parts of it were also a bit confusing. For the most part, this WAD is very good. While it got confusing at some parts, I eventually got past those parts. Solid WAD!
  3. VeeTHis

    ProjectBrutality or BrutalDoom?

    Project Brutality by far. Everything in it is just so much more satisfying than BD imo.
  4. VeeTHis

    What nicknames do you have for monsters?

    I sometimes call Pain Elementals "Pain Makers". I also sometimes call Cyberdemons "Big Fucking Monsters".
  5. VeeTHis

    Your first map...what was it like?

    If you've ever wanted to see the definition of enemy-spam, play my first level. https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/s-u/therooms
  6. VeeTHis

    Any DOOMaholics here??

    I'd say that I'm a fan, but not a hardcore player. I can take a break from the game for a very long time, and come back still feeling the same as before. And I, for sure, don't play Doom every single day.
  7. VeeTHis

    Which monster is hardest to fight w/ chaingun?

    Probably, for me, the Archvile and Revenant. The Revenant is a pain in the ass to kill if you don't have the SSG.
  8. VeeTHis

    DOOM for the switch?

    Even though the chance is slim, if it does get on the Switch, would ID or Bethesda be making it? If it's classic doom, I would expect ID to port it over. If it was a whole new game, like Doom 4, then I would expect it to be done by Bethesda, because Bethesda made the Wolfenstein "reboot" games in 2014 and 2015; and Doom 2016, too.
  9. VeeTHis

    DOOM for the switch?

    The game's graphics would dramatically have to be increased to Breath of the Wild level; Not that BOTW looks bad, Doom 2016 would have to be at that graphics level, which would still look really good probably. Obviously, the switch could run Doom with OpenGL/original graphics. Also, Doom on the GPD Win looks pretty watered down in the graphical standpoint.
  10. I have an idea. Maybe, each day, you could work on one of those ideas. And each day, you could do the same amount of work for one as the others. Then, eventually, you'll finish them all at some point. That is a concept I just thought of when I read this post, so... it's probably not the best way to work on all of those ideas at the same time.
  11. VeeTHis

    Rate my new WAD (Heavy Steel)

    Hello. I recently finished a map that I was working on for a little while called "Heavy Steel." While it's not the longest map ever, I still think quality is more essential than length. Even though it's done, I'm not planning on releasing it yet, because my other map (Temple Palace) was released a few days ago. Heavy Steel also has a secret exit (which is not going to be shown in pictures, because it's a surprise.) Here are the pictures of it; look at them and if you do see some, say any improvements I could make: (The floor with the twisted faces is damaging; you need a radiation suit to go over it) So, I think it looks pretty good. Any tips I could do to make it look a little better?
  12. VeeTHis

    Specific Things in Doom that annoy you

    The auto-aim of Revenant rockets that follow you wherever you go unless you make an extremely sharp turn to make the rocket run into a wall. Switches that open up traps that give you no time to think when you get into it (specifically terry traps) Super obscure and hidden pathways that lead you to a keycard/item that lets you open a door. Boss fights that have 3 Archvilles (or an easy combination of monsters) for a boss. That's way to easy for a BOSS. Boss fights that you can win the same way as Icon Of Sin Burning barrels. I always shoot at them when I see them because I think they're normal... for some reason. Doors that don't work/are there for decoration Trying to kill a cyberdemon and running out of everything except my pistol Miscalculating the rocket's blast radius (aka launching a rocket somewhere where I think it won't damage me, but it does) Wow! That's a long list...
  13. 1: The first time was about... 2 years ago; I wanted to play it before that, but I could not find out at all how to make a source port work, but at that time, I didn't know that it was as easy as downloading Doom 1 or 2 on Steam and selecting the IWAD in the source port start menu... 2: I started off with Doom 1 (Steam Edition) on Skulltag. Even though it's dead and has been that for a while, I use Skulltag for almost all of my source port needs. If I want to run a mod that is anything other than a map(s), or music, GZDoom is the way I go. 3: I remember dying A LOT. On E1M2, I got lost, quit for a week, came back, and got past that level. I only had about 25 health left somehow by the end of E1M2. I also remember spending about twenty minutes trying to figure out how to aim up on E1M1. 4: At that time... I felt very noob-like. I was pretty angry at my little skills, and how the most common thing I did in Doom was dying. I was very bad at strategy back then, and I really just rushed into rooms, and this caused me dying a lot. Nowadays, I like to do strategy, like in a large room with a ton of enemies, I kill a few, let them in-fight if they do, and kill the rest. Bonus Question: At that time, I felt like Doom Mapping was VERY complicated. I downloaded Doom Builder 2, and had no knowledge on what to do. I fiddled around with some things, and made my first map: it involved a ton of enemy spamming, and it got rejected from /idgames. Second map, it sucked. My third map (Temple Palace) is 100x better than the... other two mapping attempts I made. The one I'm currently making (Heavy Steel) is better than all of them, obviously.
  14. VeeTHis

    Outland Industries

    It's nice for a first map, but there are way to many STARTAN textures and a TON of unused space in some parts. I'm giving this a 3.