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  1. Lud.Haron

    GIS - Make Doom Looks Better

    Hello everyone. I recently worked on some Reshade Presets in order to enhance the graphics of Doom and Doom 2. The Presets are based on the Brutal Doom lighting system and require BD to be in their most beauty. Not all like BD gameplay system, however, and it's my hope that Sergeant_Mark releases a mod containing only the Brutal Doom lighting system, so that the new graphics can be applied to any Doom game without the forced use of Brutal Doom. Where this happens, I will gladly sharing the Presets online. For now, I post the link where you can get a general idea of how the game appears with these presets on. Every comment is welcome. Happy new year. **UPDATE 20-03-2017** Since I was not satisfied with how the images were seen on Android, I have decided to diversify the gallery in two versions, one for PC and one for Android. Good vision! **GALLERY OPTIMIZED FOR PC** http://iperideia.altervista.org/ **GALLERY OPTIMIZED FOR ANDROID** http://iperideia.altervista.org/android.html