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  1. Nowhere to hide now, you see me dead on screens! Only close-quarters combat saved me from the revs invasion. Good thing that they didn't come down all together at me at the starting area so I killed the second group at south-east room from the rl area and the third group at the bfg and at the YK spot I killed last. Approximately it was like that. What about the stairs replacing lift and some new passages and so. Pretty cool, but why I need to push the switch in plasma secret or in front of the wall to the YK? Man, I just really don't know what it's all about. Meanwhile, some walls do not have switches. In short, it was hot in the library mb you will do something interesting in red tones someday?))
  2. Here's what I recorded, a uv-max attempt for Velvet. All killed, 1 secret which I revealed didn't count unfortunately (-skipsec 1022) but I did not pay attention to it so may be a little tune up here will be nice. Nothing special to say about this run, just not much risky nervous survival. I don't doubt that you can smash the last encounter much better jumping with bfg and this will be a good sight and that also concerns the rest. Did not check closely but this was not the goal It is a pretty interesting map for me in terms of classic slaughter maps. I'm not very good at the topic but I expected to see something more in size, with more monsters I think. As I played Disjunction alot, so if, for example, this map was in the set do you think you would have to reduce the amount of monsters, things to make it suitable for the wad or just leave it as it is? Than it will be a neoslaughter wad? In short, while I was writing this, it incurred me so I'll round off One thing. The YK encounter is scary, reminds me of a time when I was playing DV II map19, more like reminds me a feel of panic when a hundreds of raging revenants with viles flood the most areas of the map and you can only hear them, hide and wait till they get to you in some corridor. That is, a feeling of hopelessness is present. I recommend it to everyone, cool stuff. Since I lost my max somebody must do one
  3. Hi there! How is Cacoward winner Brigandine going? What are your plans and the news on the release on idgames? In short, it's interesting to know the date, I will help with all I can

  4. I'm glad that you liked my efforts, for me most often it is possible to get to the bfg secret but that risky tactic there seems necessery anyway so I die and this is fairly. I would not even say how to play this part safely in casual run. I think when any player will reveal this secret first time he will want to have a chance to get out immediately. Until now, I can not find interesting solutions to speed up the withering slaughterhouse. I just trying to leave everything for a chance of an infight actions. May be even PE's are pretty useful in this case. I don't think at this point I can think of anything really new to the route but little details can be significant and improvment to 8:XX already now is real
  5. ritournelle in 9:37 This route I quit doing first time, but it's more proper as you will see cause the idea here is to release all 5 cybers and mix them with the crowd as fast as possible. My previous run is not that agressive. I recorded this one on another PC that is more like a TV, so some moves are very clumsy. I forgot about the translucency tuning and about the smart totals, damn... In this demo the game forgives me so often that I feel ashamed and the funny thing is I failed some max attempts earlier when I was playing at home because of 1 monster left, and again 1 monster left, and secret left, and lose time due to incautious stepping on the blue key platform but still this time still beats the all of the rest failed demos time. I just knew it has to be under 10 with normal tempo so here it is. The start until RL is more entertaining with 2 PE's but sometimes they wont enter the hall. If they are near I always trying to chase them and blow up. PE on this map can be intrusive but only just until the jump to the north chamber with archies and plasma. With some of the archviles i was not watchful and the secret with the bfg here looks not so harsh but it can be very fun... @tourniquet, thank you once again!
  6. for uv max in Had to answer my phone two times during recording but the demo will not seriously differ from my possible subsequent demos on this map. Some luck but not a dangerous route if you slow down. I wanted to avoid PE encounters and make the map more infightish because in slaughter style maps hordes often destroys me like the group of cybers did in this demo. The map itself is thoughtful with nice effects like @Paul977 wrote here. I forgot to mention earlier in ritournelle_v6 that the blue key area may need a correction with the switches which appear after half a minute before the last 4 archies arrive on a platform. Thats why you should better do this part last in uv max attempt
  7. Only realized
  8. Just played on UV. Really good map and I didn't notice any problems/bugs. I was looking for soul sphere secret for 10 min (!) and found just some small floor texture mistake on nukage near the start thats all. I think that this map will be fun to max since there are cell ammo everywhere and I left more than 1000 after end of the map
  9. There was a good reason to do this max. The last remaining archvile must die first *facepalm map10 uv max in
  10. Moonblood map31 uvspeed by @paymentplan, not by me
  11. The last map of the wad map11 uv max in
  12. I just played. Not bad but there are some obvious problems and mistakes: - 1 secret sector at the starting area placed wrong and can't be triggered - 1 caco that sits in the lava pit can't get out - some monsters placed to close to each other; they get stuck Every demo was recorded in prboom -cl9 Pretty nice trap for a curious players : droxx Simple run : droxx tst .zip Good luck, do more!
  13. I decided to finish the last two maps that are not on DSDA for UV-max category. They did not resist map2 uv max in map3 uv max in
    This is good. Small mapset stylistically certain may be brutal on UV in some locations and you would feel the tension be sure. Paul will try to scare you a little sometimes and warn about coming event. I enjoyed it like a short story.
  14. Number nine. Good one and necessary as a filler map9 uv max in 9:44