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  1. I just played. Not bad but there are some obvious problems and mistakes: - 1 secret sector at the starting area placed wrong and can't be triggered - 1 caco that sits in the lava pit can't get out - some monsters placed to close to each other; they get stuck Every demo was recorded in prboom -cl9 Pretty nice trap for a curious players : droxx Simple run : droxx tst .zip Good luck, do more!
  2. I decided to finish the last two maps that are not on DSDA for UV-max category. They did not resist map2 uv max in map3 uv max in
    This is good. Small mapset stylistically certain may be brutal on UV in some locations and you would feel the tension be sure. Paul will try to scare you a little sometimes and warn about coming event. I enjoyed it like a short story.
  3. Number nine. Good one and necessary as a filler map9 uv max in 9:44
  4. Another good map suddenly gave up after heavy fighting map 8 uv max in 16:28
  5. Archvile behind the dj console I hope there won't be any troubles with starting this lmp. All lmp files on my PC are not associated with a program
  6. Yesterday I downloaded ELMLE's D2ALL plutonia UV speed demo and while I was enjoying watching it I tried to remember: "...what was ZeroMaster's time...hmmm..." thanks for a reminder lol I'll watch it surely! Blocking... At times it seems like If it were possible sometimes to ram in doom it would be more fun
  7. Relief, good feeling map 6 UVmax in 11:46
  8. GarrettChan, it only remains for me to ask: "when to expect a demo?"
  9. This is fixed! The downloadable demos for map4 now will properly autoload in prboom! Gratitude is sent to Mr.dew for enlightening the neophyte and correcting the demos
  10. Youre right! For demo record I used this line: prboom-plus.exe -complevel 9 -iwad doom2.wad -file disjunct2.wad -skill 4 -fullscreen -warp 4 -record iddqd10
  11. Comrades! I wanted to overcome this specifically, a couple months ago before the wad was updated this map, shortly speaking, its interesting and I recorded a UV max demo. In addition, this topic gave me a push to do so etc... I will attach fail run just to show what can distress speedrunner, mildly speaking lol
  12. After this update I played "judecca" a little and decided to do demo run. The map became easier but what I like is the theme, the style...
  13. Disjunction map11 uvmax in ~15min; flying, dancing
  14. Check this out! Got it done a little bit faster Map10 uv-max in 30:14