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  1. Player177


    Impressive and addictive! Quite relaxed loaded the map1 on HNTR and thought that I will get 100% in about an hour but with my sluggishness and all those numerous secrets, puzzles, pathways it took me more than three although after two I could exit by killing the guy. The first hour was just wasted. In the exit room I start saving. In the cybfest secret I start freaking tiring, dying and yeah the infights here are cool. The magnolian cybers are weak and gladly infight with the originals but can't stand against them. These new ones are the thing of the wad. After all in the end I can't stop thinking that I couldn't even for some reason release the four viles and take the trophy bfg from them, so 4 monsters are left except barons. I found only 14/15 secrets. I'm guessing the last that I didn't reveal is in the 1199 sector. Also had problems with the YSK and didn't know why the platform with it went down after all. Later I'll attach the fda with timestamps magnoliaHNTRFDAMAP1.zip
  2. Player177

    Black Room (Doom 2 map)

    I have played Blackroom1.wad a little and noticed that: 1) The archvile in the plasma room didn't tele in this version 2) The switch to the exit has wall texture Also, Paul, you may want to add at least just an upper or lower texture with a switch for the linedef 6445 for the sound of the secret button
  3. Player177

    Black Room (Doom 2 map)

    Jumped in to congratulate on the release! Very impressive map! It really reminds the map4 and, I'd like to note, feels more like a Blue Room because of all the atmosphere. I played this, better say I chose to play a puppeteer role for cybers in most encounters and damn they're unfriendly. Now I understand that this and the ambience has led me to strange impression about the map, as if it has some scenario and prehistory and then I remembered Alien: Covenant, wtf! Not a very weird association because of the musical instrument used here and there I guess. I think you will want to tune something, complicate couple encounters. I want to say that I rather like the big area with the YK and the BK somehow most of all. I would suggest to change the secret button sidedef texture for the one from the switch texture pack. The reason is simple, the present one doesn't change colour after pressing and doesn't produce no sound after pressing. The SW1WDMET forehead can suit well. Sorry for the details and explanations, but this was surprisingly irritating thing for me while playing and I decided to check it up closely. Sometimes I notice things like this, there may be more:
  4. Player177

    TAS (tool-assisted) demos: part 2

    Interesting choice, I played that map quite often in a multiplayer years ago and at some point thought that it can be beaten solo. Actually I don't remember the tactics after the RSK and in the round hall with the spiral stairway afterwards. In a word, no ordinary prb UV max in DSDA and it probably explains that I was wrong. In the demo monsters are so helpless in all this craziness. The mancubie gets in the knockout after the single jab, lol
  5. Player177

    Rush 2 (4 maps so far)

    Cool maps! prb -cl9 uv; first attempts first impressions In this version first two maps seemed easy if play without rushing, all secrets here I did find along the way. Map03 is where I began dying in the starting area due to a combination including such things as narrowness, archies, shells deficit and the missed secret. The 2 Impassable bloodfalls in the last room I didn't really understand and from the unavoidable trap in the center I couldn't get out since spent all my bullets before that part btw nice symbol at the exit. Map04 is just amazing!
  6. Player177

    TAS (tool-assisted) demos: part 2

    I can imagine like how would it be if it was a movie shooting. We haven't got much caffeine left! Leaden Skies - Scene 8 - finale , take 108, ACTION!
  7. Player177

    TAS (tool-assisted) demos: part 2

    Disjunction Map 1 UV max in 1:50 dj01x150.zip That's different, xdre construction. Enjoi! also, reality category
  8. Player177

    TAS (tool-assisted) demos: part 2

    Cryogenics Map 4 UV max in 24:55 cryo4x2455.zip
  9. Player177


    Some comments reminded of probably the first utube doom speedrunner channel with the name Okuplok that I watched along with Armane15, but all I can call to mind is that it was deleted a couple days later which was sadly strange and that its content was interesting at some point. I suppose that I had to watch some Holy Hell just episodically at that time but on Armane15 channel I think. Well, of course! I forgot a bit. I watched HH in pieces but not completely and damn, the map5 is a crazy task if you look from the standpoint of those who doesn't know well the capabilities of tasing in Doom. I didn't know that there is a UV max for it and the fact that there is, if I get into this statement, leaves a very striking image of a dedicated not less than a month work on every aspect of the demo - theory and practice. Only to make the first exit on the safest route. It is controversial, but the duration of the map is too long and when I say a month I don't mean casual playing or playing for fun. Let it be better two or three in a gross time. Normal first logical goal will be with a promise - don't test fate, do not hurry, take your time - and only with this approach may be, perchance you'll reach the exit. I didn't watch the demo and I don't know how to take it - is it close to, lets call it, reality category or is it close to speed category. Summing up the time of all the HH maps 1-4 UV max demos from dsda will give ~2.20. It most likely shows that the demo is close to reality category but its well prepared and I think that it could not be otherwise if you really know what you're dealing with if aiming for the fantastic map time or just for an optimised run but that's another story. Unfortunately I can't accurately perceive a map difficulty not playing it seriously but I can tell that at first, everything is always bad for me. Over time, it becomes easier almost automatically. Afterwards - lack of time, the forgetfulness, the mistakes, the random, the anxiety, the fatigue and other things can become very influential in recording and you will think that's it. But sometimes luck overlaps them all. Is it really, the speedrunners bitter share, was unfamiliar to Okuplok while he was pulling this run? He realized that he has the ability to cope with HH after some significant amount of time, thats probably the most understandable explanation for me. The details of how it was I don't know but I can roughly imagine. After a little meditation I'd choose to TAS the map5 apriori, one way or another and I would have known in advance that it won't be a walk in the park. It's too long - main argument and the good reason will be my expirience with such things and me always watching at stopwatch. I plan to do one TAS and it looks like it will be devoted to Okuplok style but there is some unpleasant snag - the demo will be marked as a TAS.
  10. Player177

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    Exactly! I did not even think about it, but it's probably the most entertaining part of the map, in different aspects. On other side I have almost a step by step guide on how to get it done for the max. If I remember correctly my first playthrough of the map and specificly of this part was obviously slow and about exploring how tight a knot around all the monsters can be made with circle strafing tactics. I tightened it to maximum at the end enjoing the infights but I couldn't threw a noose from the start and spin like a hula hoop everytime. Most likely I'll be curious about this part than any other part of the map and on the other hand I'd watch the details overall since I have an idea of the difficulty here
  11. Player177

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    Demos for Cryogenics. Didn't find runs for the wad, so I recorded some with simple goal just to beat them, first-worst exits. I hope they will be improved: cryo1-1319.zip cryo2-1018.zip cryo3-2432.zip Check the spoiler for my thoughts on the map4
  12. Player177

    SlaughterMAX. RC1 available!

    I managed to run through the demos and it turned out for me that maxdemo for map13 isn't sync so I'm asking this to check. Everything else seems to be normal 👌
  13. Player177

    SlaughterMAX. RC1 available!

    Velvet uv max in 9:40, more effective with ammo, everything else is almost the same, a little luck in some parts with tall actors and so Failed earlier run which I wanted to pulled out with cyber pushed onto a ledge, but no. This situation was handmade with no real intention to it. Chaingunner get even with the cyber velvet-940.zip
  14. Player177

    SlaughterMAX. RC1 available!

    Thanks man, here's slower earlier record Velvet-1122.zip already checked. I hope I'll not make a mistake any more)) I'll set my hud for the future
  15. Player177

    SlaughterMAX. RC1 available!

    nevermore, Velvet in 10:54 Thanks to floatRand for the map Velvet-1054.zip