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  1. Player177

    Slaughterfest (201)3 [-complevel 9]

    Map16 uv max 7:19 sf316-719.zip I'll explain why it's a sort of a spinoff
  2. Ok, very good! I'll try to redownload the remastered version
  3. Is all collapsed? Tell me that the demo and the map is ok so I would try to understand what problems on my side make the desync appear. On what GZDoom version the demo was recorded? Or upload the wad on what you recorded the run, Anc
  4. I can imagine something like formicary with a system of tunnels. The main thing is to eradicate passion for decorations! I played a few slaughter maps for the last couple years and only one was really laggy. So I checked the most of what I played for things number and again it turned out only that map has preeminent result. And yet It is only twice as high as in your map! And now compare World Orifice with Blighted Moonbase.
  5. I'm late, but in case of whatevs. Everything just keeps getting better and better, lol As far as I understand this last release of the moonmaze was preceded by mutual trolling and dissatisfaction due to the expected partial optimization. Although before all that there was sort of move toward each other. Aside from all fps Increase advices even interesting insight about GZDoom rendering appeared but that one was completely disregarded in the update. I mean, I can't get decent framerate in this edition. Sometimes I'm getting less than 10 frames. Still, too much sprites! Cunning Pan! I saw what you did! Perfect crop circles?! Wtf? UFO tricks?! Good stable framerate I can achieve only on a better hardware and apparently the map will never give strictly 30+ frames on most devices without serious work with an understanding of how to prevent the engine from drawing textures and sprites which player can't see behind the walls. Thanks to @therektafire post I tested sort of rendering troubles a little. All things and monsters kind of render almost constantly and if there is a simple impassable line between you and them it won't guarantee good rendering avoidance. Probably there must be some additional requirements to hide them well from engine's eye. Maybe those are difficult to implement and such problems with sprites eventually must be ignored. The situation is reverse with walls. Impassable line reliably hides them. It's possible to draw just a single linedef with only impassable flag (better to preconfigure this initially) in the center of most of the walls in the map. First to create a small line on one end and then to stretch it to another end of the obsticle. In this way line will remain not divided on segments. Damn, I forgot about your caco arguments! Not sure if I suggested a good idea either. Seemingly this is a dead end, will wait, with such a pace we will celebrate 2019 with remastered part 8. Well, maybe some new memes will come up.
  6. In this case I don't even know how notable the difference between 32 bit and 64 bit can be. Just tried both GZDoom 3.5.1 versions on Dual Core E5800 3.2 OpenGL 4.5 with bloody moonbase. Changed different settings. Indiscernible. Was looking at frames per second. Meanwhile, I took some helpful tips from comments and sort of wanted to check closely one conspicuous feature of the map which among others was defined as a negative component that greatly reduces framerate. Here they are - constantly mentioned decorative things such as pool of blood and similar stuff. I removed all things type: 80, 24. There were like over 8000! One on top of another. The result is shown on video that I'm frigging tired to mold. I took into account the author's style of argumentation and also lately it is essential at times to prove something somehow so that there are less suspicious probabilities. By the way, recorded on an old intel core duo T9800 in software mode. On the left screen you see the current map edition and on the right you see the same map only without 8000 floor decorations. The difference is significant! Pan, if you are interested in this, although I understand the pain. How to remove all this fast in DB2: choose Things mode, then Find Replace mode, search Thing Type and Find. Then just close the window and push Delete. Maybe this method will help with something else. In general, it was a demonstrative experiment. Therefore, we can save money instead of buying modern i7, i9 or 12 cores CPU's 😆
  7. Simply got inspired by Ancalagon's UV only to try the light version. Your map in its present form is very CPU demanding. Some requirements as for a modern fps, lags out of nowhere and that's getting in the way of being effective what is important especially on UV. Here is two amusing extremes - either demolish all decorative jewelry and edit lines characteristics by yourself or buy appropriate hardware thing... Shameful moments, there are plenty of them. I would break the avjump record for this map with such a play. Surely not on UV. And that terrible piece in the hell hub. I did not even immediately realize that melee revs were hitting me! Volume was too low, there was no visible kickback and no bloodscreen, I stood still and continued to lose health until realized and heard the sound clearly. They hit with the palm on ITYTD, definately. I slipped full hp and blue armor. At least the ending looks smooth! Washed cyber's face with plasma :)
  8. A lot of mistakes. Some parts were badly prepared and performed. Mr.Diablo is a really bad boy. bmb4(ITYTD)100%.zip
  9. What a pleasant surprise! Must watch! I stopped playing straight off after I got to the BK area. At this moment I took one look at timer and at empty ammo chart and that was enough... It was 1:30. And I still needed to deal with the red archi party! No plasma, no rockets... I was too lazy and wondered why author didn't try to add some more cells to make the map less repulsive in terms of gameplay flow. It was blunty, all slow and I was the slowest! Pan, you promised to upload future runs to youtube
  10. You didn't take my little review on the map seriously did you?! 😆 Well, again I suggest you need to take into account and as a call to action comments of those who recommended you to optimize moonbase performance. At least this is necessary If you want to see demos. Improve your mapping skill in terms of improving map performance on the basis of what you already have and then sit back and enjoi with your mouth open how players leave your map in shreds. Best case scenario. On ITYTD this map doesn't represent anything complicated since there are double ammo and player takes only half usual damage.
  11. So this is how you need to verify a probably suspicious demo :)
  12. You must have second sight :) I myself am ready to pay for the show! I can not even imagine how can one go through this. Moreover, I think that this is impossible under any scenarion. Maybe it's not so, that's just my opinion and I do not consider myself as a really good player. I judge by the fact that there are some following difficulties (in addition to severe deficit of ammo, health...): - one route, that don't leave you much room to maneuver. - hard to control safety of the barrels that hold archies. Break out will mean gameover. - custom monsters. There are many and some are pretty hardcore. I'm definately not a fan and before I saw only a couple of these. From those that I met here especially I remembered the stonepinky. - some barricades are open. This leads to there always be someone behind your back. - simply no rad suit. The BK area will be your point of no return. Extremely cautious play will stretch the suffering for couple hours. Pure agony. I mean, I'm very dissapointed from what I saw. Some sort of poorly made setting oversaturated with monsters and it sucks that some of them are stuck in walls. Kind of inspection revealed serious disbalance and unfinishedness. It seemed to me that the emphasis in the moonbase was done initially on roaming monsters but in this version number 4 we have deaf masses in every location. I once wrote in previous thread that some monsters (assuming viles surrounded by barrels) may have a deaf flag. Anyway, it was a small remark. I don't even know how would you hadle this complaints if they will seem important. I need to take a break from all this experimental trials
  13. I thought that you will kindly take away most of the things such as blood puddles and replace them with blood floor textures or whatever. I thought that in bmb4 would be a slight optimization and there would be less lines. But again, lags are wild futhermore monster count increased. Well, let it be. I'll try it later when I get the notebook.
  14. I think, once again, the prosecutor want to be 100% sure (but he does not set goal to do AV D2all) about this run but as already been said, indirectly or not, in every second message in this scandalous thread that this run does not satisfy 100% purity since this is impossible. And this will never be for any other run ever! For two reasons: 1) Somebody will always be a doubting Thomas. This is absolutely normal. 2) There is no ideal 100% demos as there is no ethanol with 100% strength. Specifically this demo does not gain credibility because of technical requirements (and I agree) but it's still reliable. All the grounds have long been listed. There is only a petty hope that to resolve this situation in the future Anc will mercifully record a new run with cams, security, and in the presence of the accuser himself. But there is danger that at the meeting the prosecutor probably will get a punch to the jaw.
  15. It looks like you have to try hard to get caught :)