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  1. Cynicism

    Specific Things in Doom that annoy you

    You do realise that your pistol ammo is your minigun ammo as they share ammo types in Doom 1 and 2 so unless you're refering to one of the newer dooms so that is non applicable if were discussing the older games unless somehow you missed a minigun pickup before fighting a cyberdemon which i am sure is rather hard to do if your doing a pistol start of each level and borderline impossible if not.
  2. Cynicism

    Specific Things in Doom that annoy you

    Some of Doom 2's level design annoys me since some of the levels feels like gimics more than levels cough cough ....... barrels o' fun cough cough. Furthermore Archviles are just cancer on ultraviolence and nightmare. Oh and slaughter maps i kinda like my maze/labyrinth maps thank you :3c
  3. Cynicism

    Things about Doom you just found out

    a random bug where i have gotten caught on a wall then permanently could not move from it and since I was on nightmare i could not cheat to get myself unstuck from the wall in the ultimate doom e2 m3 (i think since i erased the run a month back). while this does not seem like a normal thing to put in this column it is the first time it has happened to me since owning the ultimate doom
  4. Cynicism

    Doom 1 or 2?

    While I do love all these things except Archviles which can fuck off as they are so goddamn irritating but I can sympathise with people not liking Doom 2 as much as The Ultimate Doom (as I am one of them) and it is level design as some of levels in Doom 2 were sort of experimental and/or kinda pointless (barrels o fun as an example I don't really enjoy levels like that since that level is the latter)but there are some good ones however for me they are not as memorable as the Ultimate Dooms Level design and the levels of doom 1 were harder imo because of the way the levels were designed not because of the extra mobs or bullshit mobs(archvile)an example for me is E4 M1 where the level is open yet so claustraphobic since you have fuck all room to move so every mistake made is often punished severely. However people who say that Doom 2 is bad are IMO fooling themseleves it just is not as good as the Ultimate Doom IMO
  5. Cynicism

    E1M1 performed by Tim Allen.

    LUL this mod is really damn funny
  6. The comment on E4 m6 is really good call since it is a bastard fighting the cyberdemon and the design of that level is so cruel in terms of moving around the map without losing large portions of your health to the damage floors.
  7. Hmmm hardest pistol start E4 M1 M2 and M6 i have found the hardest for pistol start but at least with a pistol start on E4 M2 you start with full HP unlike most of the runs that I carry over from E4 M1.Btw there is another reason I have stated E4 M1 on Ultimate Doom as my hardest is because in nightmare it is literal suffering plus going 100% on that map on nightmare was one of the most frustrating and painful things I have subjected myself to it took me nearly a week (playing in 4 hour sittings since my patience would be broken if i played any longer than that). Btw that level alone has stopped me from playing nightmare after doing my 100% run since it was just misery. also if i don't mention Doom 2 much it is because i have played Ultimate Doom alot more and prefered it in terms of level design and a few other things (cough cough fuck archviles and the horse they rode in on) So I have yet to do a nightmare run on doom 2 but I have done UV as that is my standard difficulty and i still need to do a 100% UV and Nightmare run which will be "really fun".
  8. I was gonna say on UV 50% is sort of the min health you want on nightmare I would say 60% to 70% minimum since the whole respawning enemies nonsense kinda fucks you up as on E4 M2 there is a wee bit of backtracking you have to do.
  9. yes but listening to DRI's hooked it the intro especially is note for note the same (except one is a midi file)
  10. That is fair however I have not learned the layouts for all of the levels on that game to try a nightmare run so i don't know how much suffering it causes just yet :D (since I did not have the plutonia experiment until about 7/8 years ago as I could not afford to get it when it came out)
  11. Cynicism

    John Romero selling Heretic Registered Box on eBay

    tbh I would get it if I had more disposable income but it is not viable for me pricewise at the moment. I will say it is a tad expensive however it is really hard to find an original version like this and i assume it will be signed by John Romero so frm thos standpoint I understand the cost of it
  12. Agree with an earlier post it sounds like a mix of e1 m1 and e1 m3. However E1 M1 is based off Hooked by DRI off the album crossover. On another note Destruction are awesome and put on a great live show :3c
  13. The question is what maps do people consider the most difficult out of the two games? Personally the maps I have struggled on the most are E4 M1 and E4 M2 on The Ultimate Doom since on Ultraviolence and Nightmare E4 M1 has no health kits just the vials that give you 1 hp each and there is very little ammo so your run has to be basically flawless since the smallest mistake can mean death or it means your starting E4 M2 on low health and ammo to which you could get easily slaughtered at the start. On my end I have to reset complete runs on E4 M1 since my health is just too low. So what are your thoughts people what levels have you found the most chalenging.
  14. Cynicism

    Specific Things in Doom that annoy you

    Arch-viles in Doom 2 they are such a frustrating enemy to deal with and are the largest cause of my deaths in Doom 2 plus traps involving them are the worst.
  15. Cynicism

    Preferred/most balanced difficulty setting.

    ahhhh i literally jumped in on nightmare first run and the only thing i had problems with was not being as mobile as i am in Doom 1 and 2. but i would say nightmare is very well balanced as it punishes errors appropriately and the weapons do enough damage that they feel powerful and satisfying to use.