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  1. ZALGO

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Xenoblade 3. I've been having a blast with that game :D
  2. ZALGO

    Any Doomers in Wisconsin or the Midwest?

    Wisconsinite here. Been sheltered in the land of weird accents and cheese since the day I was born.
  3. 20, Managed to finally beat it on UN last month during pandemic. Best feeling I have ever felt since finishing Bloodborne level 4 run. The DLC is harder than I thought, but I haven't died yet (on nightmare) and am having a blast.
  4. ZALGO

    Was Doom 2016 Better Than Doom Eternal?

    Seriously... I love Doom 2016 but my largest complaint in that game was whatever the hell they did with the Mancubus. I was never a fan of the weird armored cyclops look they gave him (Cyber looks even worse with that oculus rift thing on his head). Eternal's mancubi look a lot better to me and I love the Cyber Mancubus design compared to the 2016 variant. Will agree though that I am not a fan of the Revenent design in Eternal.... 2016's revenent looked way closer to the original then Eternal's.
  5. ZALGO

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Just got my Nintendo Switch off of Ebay for a cheap 200$ price (I have a history of good haggling skills :) ). Soon as I got it I went and purchased Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and got the preorder for Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition. Xenoblade has been a part of my childhood since first getting the Wii exclusive back in 2012 for 80 bucks (damn those gamestop exclusives). I remember playing that beautiful JRPG and enjoying every last bit of the story, the characters, and the combat in the game. Now that I am playing the sequel (currently in chapter 5), I am having a blast with that game just as well. The story is very good, the characters are phenomenal, and that gameplay is unique AF. Can't wait to play that Xenoblade Remake and potentially the older xeno games once I get an emulator for them.
  6. ZALGO

    ff7 remake

    It feels Like Xenoblade Chronicles.... but worse.... The thing that makes Xenoblade Chronicles IMO better in the real time combat compared to FF7 is that it doesn't feel like you are fighting a bullet sponge of a health bar. Because chain attacks and element bursts exist in both games, the amount of consistent burst damage you do in those games can delete even the tankiest of health bars and make battles still feel like battles. Best example here is the final boss who I will not spoil, this boss has the highest health of all enemies in Xenoblade 1 with all phases combined, even higher than the Avalanche Abaasy who is a level 120 superboss that is FAR tougher in difficulty than the aforementioned boss. But despite the boss having so much health (more than 1 million to be specific), so much happens during the final boss that completely negates that feeling of hitting a wall over and over til it dies. Whether that is utilizing chain attacks, positionals, tension management, vision breaking, and quick thinking during combat that makes the whole fight still FEEL like a legitimate battle. FF7 Remake 90% of the time you are using different auto attacks with the occasional limit break, art, or magic every now and then. However, such different abilities are either used too sparingly or forced into the battle (looking at you Hell House). Because most of the combat is STATIC and has little changes made to make the combat more challenging, it becomes boring and more noticeable to the health sponges many of them hold. Another point to make is how the enemy almost ALWAYS targets who is controlled by the player. This undermines the entire strategy of a Final Fantasy game, as you can easily exploit this strat to almost never legitimately die in the game, not to mention ruining the whole point of a thinking turn based game (I guarantee you spent most of your heals or spells on Cloud since he is played most of the time and thus the most targeted by enemies. No one else has a chance to be given heals unless you directly play them). Xenoblade completely counters this with the aggro system and the MANY different aoe attacks enemies can grant, giving Xenoblade ironically a more turn based feel than Final Fantasy. Square Enix seriously needs to make more complicated mechanics that are smoothly input into the game to make combat feel more impactful and still hold the high health real time battle system that they are so obsessed with.
  7. ZALGO

    Benefits of "The New Normal"

    The fact that the quarantine ended up causing part of the tuition I paid for college to be refunded while STILL having online classes. The good news about it means that I can save a ton of money for the next tuition (and finally purchase that Darn Nintendo Switch I have been hunting on Ebay for a while now at a smaller price than the usual) and be able to continue my curriculum. Sucks that this shit is happening, but it did give me the compensation I need to survive :).
  8. ZALGO

    Devs React to 27 Minute Speedrun

    They have a sense of humor and know its all in good fun. Really when it comes to devs, Hugo is one of the more closely knit to the Doom community out of the bunch. He has visited several livestreams of the game just to say hello and all that as well as Mick Gordon and such. I honestly think you took their comments a little way too seriously, like you know they are joking when they comment about how annoying the sludge is but then talk about "Triple-down on the mechanic." The NoClip documentaries about the devs would also help you understand what these devs are like.
  9. 20, Nightmare difficulty first time through. UV onwards to take on the different challenges. Still attempting my Ultra Nightmare run with my farthest being Sentinel Prime before getting destroyed by Gladiator. In total, I made 5 different completed playthroughs, 2 on Nightmare, 3 on UV.
  10. ZALGO

    Cant Perfect Perfection Milestone

    Done the challenge before. Honestly not too difficult if you plan your playstyle accordingly. Played on UV the whole way through. My setup was putting all my praetor points into the extra dash because I can't live without that sweet sweet infinite dash to move around the map. It is IMO the best perk to use for the challenge. I put my sentinel crystal into ammo so that I can at least have ammo to consistently damage the Icon without forcing myself to chainsaw every few seconds of usage. The dash more than makes up for the lack of health you will have. Runes I went for faster glories, longer stagger, and longer range on glories so that I can consistently get myself topped on ammo and health and focused heavily on mastering the SSG to get the armor bonuses more consistently. If you plan your build properly, you should do fine in the challenge.
  11. ZALGO

    Favorite and disliked level

    I'm cool with Hell on Earth, makes me feel like a big badass when I break down Arachnos without having trouble on NM and further. Now my actual favorite level is Nekroval, though I personally consider both parts as a singular level considering how that exit felt. If anything I think part 1 holds more value. Best hell-level portrayal I have ever seen in a video game, perfect balance between awesome arena fights, fun and interesting platform segments, and story and lore from Hayden that adds some great world-building with regards to Hell and Argent energy. My least favorite is Exultia, while it looks visually amazing and I love the hell portion of the map, the platforming is way too intrusive for my liking. Hell, Doom Hunter Base felt more natural in platforming considering what the base was built for and had some awesome build-up to the boss fight. While Exultia doesn't really have much going for it in terms of lore and such. Combat encounters were mediocre with the one major encounter that was somewhat challenging being a bit Too challenging. While seeing King Novik and the Betrayer was great, I feel like the rest of the level pales in comparison to the other big standouts. This is the good thing about Doom Eternal, my least-liked level is still a level I enjoy in many different areas, I just feel the other levels are way better in every way.
  12. ZALGO

    Favourite sound effect?

    The sound of "You must hurry, for the Grows stronger the Longer it is on Earth" four times now in the same level. ;)
  13. ZALGO

    Doom Eternal Confession Session

    My confession is actively forgetting the existence of the equipment launcher.... for 3 missions straight. Honestly my NM playthrough was hell since I was dying left and right by mancubi and whiplashes without even considering freezing them in place.
  14. ZALGO

    Civvie 11's take on Doom Eternal

    It's doable if you manage your hotkeys properly to be able to switch between multiple weapons at once. I personally find the SSG, ballista, SSG to be much more consistent though so I'm cool with the combo as it is. Personally never found the Marauder difficult after the first playthrough once I learned of his Sprint-melee cheese. Archies are kill-on-sight yes with grenades or crucible, but you can't deny that leaving the archie alive for even a few seconds will mean the difference on how you would handle the arena compared to a single marauder. (Those buffs are insane, especially on prowler or any of the Knights caste.)
  15. ZALGO

    Civvie 11's take on Doom Eternal

    His gameplay was.... not very good. Most of the gameplay he had shown was him sticking around in one space of the arena at a time rather than constantly zipping and zapping over to dodge and deal with multiple threats at once. The mods he had chosen for his weapons were questionable at best (Full auto is just straight bad on the shotgun yet he still uses it in the late game despite grenades being far superior, Microwave beam is also probably the worst mod in the game IMO over the heat blast considering the sheer potential of heat blast), he almost never uses the ice bomb from what I've been seeing which pretty much scales into an absolute monster of a weapon. Finally he uses the Unmaykr over the BFG which while I personally love the weapon, is just not as good as a full wave clear on the BFG. His fights against the Marauder was equally not good at all. I am aware of the fact that Marauder is absolutely punishing of an opponent and can be severely unfun for many new players. At the same time though, if you get your positioning right and remember your combos and actually bait his melees (by forcing him to sprint at you since 80% of the time its a melee attack) he becomes completely trivial of an enemy. All compared to the Archvile which IMO is a much more dangerous threat considering what his summons and buffs do (doesn't even mention buff totems which are a far larger problem than what marauders are capable of). Honestly I feel like he needs to replay the game at some point in the future with a different mindset or playstyle in mind. He was trying to play Doom Eternal like how you would normally play Doom 2016 and maybe later parts of 3 on UV difficulty, which is absolutely punishing for even veterans in the series. Maybe then he can actually get a legitimate review across and either appreciate the game or absolutely hate it.