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  1. yard_salad

    Traitor: Nightmare Halls

    Thanks for the great feedback! Feels good. Glad you guys enjoyed it.
  2. yard_salad

    Traitor: Nightmare Halls

    7DRG4Z3X Hello! I made a map called "Traitor: Nightmare Halls". Should be around 20 minutes, with checkpoints, a story, and some challenging fights. It's my first map, so any feedback is appreciated. I'd love to make a longer campaign based on this.
  3. The engine can only support 12 active demons at a time, so somewhere there are 12 living demons that are preventing the game from spawning any more. You need to go into the properties of all your demons and set "Show on Start" to false. Then use the Module node and On Entered signal to set Show on the individual demons per room you want visible. If you don't care about exact placement, the Custom Group Encounter is much simpler and easier to use for most purposes and doesn't count against the Demons resource. Edit: You can also use the Module and On Entered signal to show a message to the user when they enter any module.