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  1. pintolinh0

    Any fellow Brazilian mappers?

    Fala Juza, eu fiz um mapa ano passado chamado trigger-happy (updated version); ele é bem claustrofóbico e relativamente simples, nele (depois de ter uma melhor noção do be-a-bá da coisa) eu me desafiei a ver até onde podia chegar utilizando duas formas geométricas básicas (um quadrado e um pentagrama) e com as limitações vanilla (sem coisera de boom) - eu gostei do resultado, demorou mais de 1 ano pra sair um review daqui.. mais o cara que fez a análise gostou. Se tu for conferir, te recomendo a jogar no chocolate ou crispy doom e pelo amor de Doom.. jogue no Ultra-violence ;) Um mapper tupiniquim aqui do site, que sou muito fã alias, é o Darch - te recomendo o projeto dele Preacher; é um dos raros mapsets que tem aquela geometria complexa que a rapaziada daqui idolatra (e eu nem tanto) que gostei; a gameplay é temática, muito bem feita e caótica.. só que não descamba naquele slaugther map non-sense da porra.
  2. MIDI is (and always will be) instrinsic for my Doom experience. I've nothing against other formats, but the music/soundscapes possibilities that come w/ them is just not 'Doomy'.. it always sounds more experimental and/or like 3DRealms stuff - which is fine i guess, just doesn't fit Doom for me.
  3. pintolinh0

    Favourite Doom Monster?

    Archv... just kidding, The Spider Mastermind (and her cubs)
  4. pintolinh0

    The /newstuff Chronicles #544

    @Crawldragon Thanks a lot for the review man. I'm stunned and really glad that after a year+ someone (finally) gave it a shot - and I'll forgive your little mistake w/ the screenshots if you stop fooling around and play this thing on UV ;)
  5. pintolinh0

    Do you miss the old Doomworld?

    Yup, i do. The new site have some nice tools/improvs, but also have the bland look of every other gaming site/forum since the iPad and Smartphones phenomena + the futile and pointless features of social media.
  6. pintolinh0

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    or: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLAyLIZIBzI-rwVLh6cPyFmHk8Q5EERSNg
  7. pintolinh0

    New Forum

    Humm, i didn't liked this new DW.. at all. Personally, i think the only place that really needed some work was the idgames interface. This change was necessary? I mean, it was code, server related or something.. or just to look like every other site 2017?
  8. pintolinh0

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    A short sample of the updated version of my map.
  9. pintolinh0

    Playing PWADs on Doom 2 [GoG version]

    It worked! Thank you so much :D I guess that if it worked on choco than will work on the original .exe; but i want to make sure that it runs properly, in case someome (or myself) wish to play that way. Also, thank you again Edward850.
  10. pintolinh0

    Playing PWADs on Doom 2 [GoG version]

    Thanks for replying - so it's not possible to run with GoG's DOSBox build? P.S. I recognized this screen.. i used DOSBox 4-5 years ago to play some build engine-based games that i have physical copies, like NAM and Shadow Warrior - but i hated the process to config DOSBox properly; i like the GoG build 'cause i don't need to waste any time, just rebind keys and play.
  11. I recentely acquired GoG's Doom 2 + Master Levels and i'm trying to test my pwad on it - the GoG version uses DOSBox and it's configured in a very particular way.. i tried the "-file" parameter, moving the wad file to different folders (doom2, master, dosbox and etc.) and using the path to those directories after the "-file"; but none seems to work. My pwad is inteded to be vanilla compatible, it runs perfectly on choco but i want to test it on this version too. Any help will be much appreciated.
  12. pintolinh0

    Gameplay Discussion and Map Design

    While i agree that Starport has a better level 1 feel, Outer Prison has a more interesting design and is more fun to play (and kinda easier too, since you have more projectile-based foes rather than hitscanners). The old c1m1 has some things that bothers me too, like the secret that requires a unnecessary backtrack and that strangely empty sewer area. Personally, i think the new c1m1 is very good the way it is and don't need any changes, but.. polishing is always welcome.
  13. pintolinh0

    Release Clean Up

    Nice! No more idclev to c1m6 on choco, thanks :D The only weird thing i noticed is on that sector with 4 doors at the start, both front doors doesn't open from any side (left and right opens from inside normally).
  14. pintolinh0

    Release Clean Up

    Indeed.. sorry for that - only recently while recording a Uv-max playthrough of ep.1 i notice those items there.. so i assumed one couldn't get 100%. While on topic, what is the purpose of that area? Those poor serpentides can't even hit the player..
  15. pintolinh0

    Release Clean Up

    Hi, i have some minor findings, don't know if it was already adressed, but still.. I'm using the today's build of Freedoom and the latest versions of Odamex and PrBoom+ - w/ Odamex on e1m5: the ambush after hitting the switch never happens: http://imgur.com/rrDTCyp - w/ Odamex and PrBoom+ on e1m5: you can't lower this lift from here, while on ZDoom/Zandronum you can: http://imgur.com/7MrshcM - e1m6: there's this bridge on the outside w/ some serpentides and items, but you can't go there so it's not possible to do a 100% run without cheats http://imgur.com/LKdAcR4