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    Adolf in Hell

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    Adolf in Hell

    This is the first part of a trilogy consisted of 4 maps each, putting the player into Hitler boots on his quest for vengeance. The idea came out of a spoof on Wolf3D, since the resources to do it was surprsingly abundant and no one else seems to have done it - well, i did it. Just to be clear on the subject: this is kind of a joke wad, there's no intention on my behalf to make you feel any kind of compassion for that piece of human garbage called Adolf Hitler - just to have some fun at his expense, while playing some challenging maps with interesting visuals and good music in the background. The maps are mostly linear and simple, with focus on the encounters and shotty/rocket combat (+ some serviceable map detailing here and there); gameplay is designed and balanced around pistol start\UV max - but still poses a decent challenge for continuous play and "shortcuts" to end the level if 100% kills is not your cup of tea. Some dehacked sorcery was applied on Pinky/Specter, Arachnotron, Baron's projectile and on the Baron itself. Armor can go up to 250 and the SSG is absent on UV - HMP features it along with the exactly same enemy placement as UV. That's it, hope you have fun. -- The story so far -- Facing certain defeat, Adolf, Stalin's favorite pet, sends his men into distant lands - hoping to uncover mystic secrets and weapons of mass destruction to aid him in his quest for domination and turn the tides of war again. He found it... deep within the bowels of the earth in a forgotten desert land: a heavily bobby trapped abode waiting one's demand. Despite casualties, within the structure a hellish entity was found - imprisioned in this compound. With promises of unnatural powers and technology advancements beyond the human reasoning, a desperate and foolish Adolf agreed upon his terms and freed the foul creature from his imprisonment. Initially reaping the benefits of his deal, he managed to regain lost ground and changed his fortune by fire and steel. Protected by superior firepower and his personal supply of clones, all attempts against his life was frustrated and in victory the pompous führer delighted. After a brief period of stability, thoughts of paranoia began to flourish in his tormented mind. Failing to contact his advisors and party members, secluded from all military decisions.. to the Demon he went to argue. Upon entering the Demon chambers, he saw all of his torments come to life: the heads of his subordinates in steel pokes impaled, pools of arian blood filled with disemboweled bodies in uniforms, endless hordes of nameless abominations, clone soldiers wearing his own face, distorted synthetic beings and the remaining forces of his army swearing allegiance to the once imprisioned creature. All of his attempts in taming the Demon was in vain.. for now only a dissolving pile of führer flesh remains. Upon reaching hell and suffering the tortures of the damned for such time he couldnt tell, Adolf was greeted by Satan's emissary, Mel; who "offers" him a deal which he cannot refuse. Mel begins: "Life, to walk upon the gray earth again, thou shall be granted - for the creature that roams free, in his former prison it can't no longer be stranded. Thy sentence is to make room for my Master's sigil, for his long term plans lies with Stalin and not fascism. But first, to Satan you shall prove fit - to face his utmost challenges that purge all the weak. Fail now and this will be all of your eternity to come, succeed and his bloodlust champion thou shall become. To bring forth the soul of the Demon and all of his "creations" and.. as your rightful reward: a warmer place in my cauldron, as my maid and to be our main bitch during strip poker nights every two fridays." ~ additional credits i forgot to put in the .txt file ~ hitlerstbar by Turbo Arachnobaron sprites (from Realm667) Cyber Fiend sprites (from Realm667) Titlepic by Prieto Murian (taken from Mercocomic's Hitler pulp) Interpic taken from Norman Spinrad's The Iron Dream Creditpic by Deimos-Reimus' Robo-Hitler https://doomshack.org/uploads/adonhell.7z * FluidSynth is highly recomended * Hide contents ~~~~~~~~~~~ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ~~~~~~~~~~~ {originally posted on November 7} Adolf in Hell II is up, the planned 'trilogy of 4 maps each' has been dropped tho - i've realized that the concept is way too gimmicky for more than a few maps - so i've kept the two maps that i've found to be the best ones and scrapped the rest. This one, 'Führer Cloning Facility' (that has been in the works since forever), and another that is currently 75% done, but i'm gonna finish it next year. Hope y'all enjoy this thing for what it is. Same rules as before; no SSG on UV, armor can go up to 250, lots of despicable dehackery (monsters' hp, reaction time, projectile speed etc) - and for convenience sake: helmets and bottles are stacked up in 5 (so walk upon 1, get 5%). Secrets will make your life easier, so avoid them ;) ~ additional credits i forgot to put in the .txt file (pt. II) ~ marine sprites from 150skins.wad frozen HK sprite by Blox (edited by Gez) https://doomshack.org/uploads/fuhrfacy.7z ~~~~~~~~~~~ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ~~~~~~~~~~~ Sorry for not replying before, but i was avoiding unnecessarily bumping my own thread. So, now that this is finally buried and lost into the annals of the wad section, i can attempt in responding your concerns albeit months later. Thanks in advance for everyone that gave this wad a try and/or left some impressions/feedback: @Andromeda, @TheMagicMushroomMan, @Doomkid, @Arrowhead, @galileo31dos01, @P41R47, @game, @Savarin - really appreciated. specific questions; @galileo31dos01, regarding arachnotron: i've reduced arachno jr's reaction time, so they hopefully spend less time wobbling around and more time shooting at you. Did it worked? ;P @roadworx, regarding a possible Mel Brooks' reference: nope, the name was choosen solely for that cringe rhyme lol (but Mel will appear in the 3rd act). @P41R47, regarding a full mapset: it would suck.. like i said 'this is too gimicky for more than a few maps' - believe me, it would be way too repetitive. However, i'm gonna include a couple more maps onto the secret slots (31 & 32) for fuhrfacy's final revision and for the 3rd wad. @CBM, believe or not i've never seen this 'Little Nicky' movie (got mildly curious after seeing the screenshot tho) - the only Adam Sandler's flicks i've watched are the ones that probably everyone in my country watched: Mr. Deeds and that one with Drew Barrymore (where her character keeps losing her memory day after day). These two "classics" had constantly reruns on open tv channels here in Brazil. @roadworx & @Lol 6, regarding OBLIGE's usage: simply put? It was an experience. I see OBLIGE as a tool and i've used it to exercise some improvisation. I had a great time messing around with it and using those random generated maps as canvas for this project. Now, if you guys didn't liked the maps or felt that "something was off" about them.. well, that's on me - i can't blame OBLIGE for that :D If you're interested about the original OBLIGE maps, either for plain curiosity or simply to point the finger and expose the hack fraud i am - i've attached them here, so anyone can see what i've changed, what i've kept, etc. The particular maps i've used OBLIGE are adonhell's 1-3 and fuhrfacy.
  4. Unregistered Account

    No Rest For The Living - Community MIDI Pack (RELEASED)

    amazing tracks, congrats to all involved! quick question; it's there any specific reason for the midis not work on prboom-plus everything works perfectly on prboom-plus 26um but, other than the titlepic, there's no midi playback on
  5. Unregistered Account

    Favorite Map in Doom II?

    Suburbs, because Sandy and Imp porn
  6. Unregistered Account

    Any fellow Brazilian mappers?

    Fala Juza, eu fiz um mapa ano passado chamado trigger-happy (updated version); ele é bem claustrofóbico e relativamente simples, nele (depois de ter uma melhor noção do be-a-bá da coisa) eu me desafiei a ver até onde podia chegar utilizando duas formas geométricas básicas (um quadrado e um pentagrama) e com as limitações vanilla (sem coisera de boom) - eu gostei do resultado, demorou mais de 1 ano pra sair um review daqui.. mais o cara que fez a análise gostou. Se tu for conferir, te recomendo a jogar no chocolate ou crispy doom e pelo amor de Doom.. jogue no Ultra-violence ;) Um mapper tupiniquim aqui do site, que sou muito fã alias, é o Darch - te recomendo o projeto dele Preacher; é um dos raros mapsets que tem aquela geometria complexa que a rapaziada daqui idolatra (e eu nem tanto) que gostei; a gameplay é temática, muito bem feita e caótica.. só que não descamba naquele slaugther map non-sense da porra.
  7. Unregistered Account

    Do you prefer midi songs in doom mods or mp3 and other formats.

    MIDI is (and always will be) instrinsic for my Doom experience. I've nothing against other formats, but the music/soundscapes possibilities that come w/ them is just not 'Doomy'.. it always sounds more experimental and/or like 3DRealms stuff - which is fine i guess, just doesn't fit Doom for me.
  8. Unregistered Account

    Favourite Doom Monster?

    Archv... just kidding, The Spider Mastermind (and her cubs)
  9. Unregistered Account

    The /newstuff Chronicles #544

    @Crawldragon Thanks a lot for the review man. I'm stunned and really glad that after a year+ someone (finally) gave it a shot - and I'll forgive your little mistake w/ the screenshots if you stop fooling around and play this thing on UV ;)
  10. Unregistered Account

    Do you miss the old Doomworld?

    Yup, i do. The new site have some nice tools/improvs, but also have the bland look of every other gaming site/forum since the iPad and Smartphones phenomena + the futile and pointless features of social media.
  11. Unregistered Account

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    or: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLAyLIZIBzI-rwVLh6cPyFmHk8Q5EERSNg
  12. Unregistered Account

    New Forum

    Humm, i didn't liked this new DW.. at all. Personally, i think the only place that really needed some work was the idgames interface. This change was necessary? I mean, it was code, server related or something.. or just to look like every other site 2017?
  13. Unregistered Account

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    A short sample of the updated version of my map.