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  1. Poohlyash

    [Release] Freaky Panties

    I believe there is only one true way to rate this wad. Your wad deserves to be put on level
  2. Poohlyash

    So, how old are you ?

    Seventeen. Whats the purpose of this thread again?
  3. Poohlyash


    ill try to come up with something. watch me succ
  4. Poohlyash

    KFC's new advertisement will end the world!!!!

    Who the hell even eats at KFC?
  5. "Time to kick gum and chew ass" -John Cena 2018.
  6. Poohlyash

    Ducks quack

  7. Poohlyash

    Vertigo Temple

    This map wasn't fun. I lost my interest halfway thru. New gameplay gimmicks and interesting visuals could somehow support my interest in the map, but... THE MAP IS TOO BIG: Bigger is not better, and never was like that, and it seems like forever to actually beat it. VISUALS ARE UGLY: Brown on brown with brown and sprinkles of brown on top, no color variety at all. Architecture isnt that impressive and usage of slopes is justified with nothing. UNNECESSARY/BAD ZDOOMISMS: Slopes mentioned above, custom monsters, that are just normal monsters but it takes forever to actually kill them, like that ice baron of hell, that can tank thru 13 ssg shots like he doesn't care and has no painstate, and weapons with sprites ripped from hexen/heretic/whatever with same functionality, stats, but even shittier, rocket launcher replacement now has recoil, that if somehow affects gameplay, then tottaly not in your advantage, and plasmagun replacement, missiles of which is so massive, they block half of the screen, and are glowing with dynamic lights, so you tottaly wont see shit while trying to shoot anyone really. Also, death script, why? GAMEPLAY IS BAD: Switchhunt of the map that is filled with bulky new enemies and revenants(Do you have some sort of thing for them?). Player is always short on both ammo and hp. Traps are usually either something opening behind you or you being locked in tight space with lotsa bulky enemies/revenants. Sometimes there is no indication on where to go or what to do next, if, ofcourse, there is no door right next to the switch, how would player realize that he needs to hit that giant bell after the fight to retrieve golden key? Overall 2 cos of effort.
  8. Poohlyash

    Doom years resolutions.

    1.) Try to be more active for the community 2.) Make a megawad sumday 3.) Make a Terry wad 4.)
  9. NOW ITS FIXED Rated B for brown.zip can anyone test plz