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  1. Then you should join discord server. For beta builds, updates, and other thingies.
  2. @Phade102 baka
  3. @Phade102 Works for me
  4. skulltag_data.wad thats it.
    First map was too easy and short, second and third were ok, but easy anyway, and after picking up a ssg third map becomes a cakewalk. Not a lot of monsters variety, if its not a chaingunner waiting in the next room, it will always be an agitating skeleton, also too much armor. i saw you were trying to create a vanilla feel to the maps with the first three maps, but then you said "Screw this" and made "Tyrant", nice map, but doesn't really belong to this wad, and you clearly put more effort into Tyrant than the rest of the wad. Overall, 4.
  5. 1) Save 2) Open script editor. 3) Edit something that is not Dialogue NOR Scripts. 4)Try to save. 5)rip
  6. But can it edit decorates with script editor, and not crash?
  7. UDMF APPROACH Get slade3, add sky texture in your wad, and then create your own first mapinfo.txt via sum text redactor Here's template map MAP01 "Your map name here" { levelnum = 1 next = "MAP02" secretnext = "MAP02" sky1 = "/Your sky name here/" cluster = 1 par = 30 } After writing sky name, it will appear. If you wish to learn more about mapinfo, and all of the nice things u can do with it heres a link https://doomwiki.org/wiki/MAPINFO VANILLA/BOOM APPROACH Get slade3, add your sky texture in wad, and rename it according to your map number, SKY1(In doom, used in KNEE DEEP IN THE DEAD, in doom2 levels 1-11), SKY2(At the shores of hell/ 12-20), or SKY3(Last levels).
  8. Highlight every texture u need with shift. Right click > rename > type RC_******(Amount of stars may vary, depends onthe length of longest texture name in your wad) Youll get this PROFIT!
  9. @Grazza i posted here 1 wad with similar name and starting area here like week ago, i just felt the need to clarify that so noone gets spooked away, and apparently i spooked people away even more.
  10. @Myst.Haruko np, gl at college.
  11. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1DhWwYUyQDbcjUzNHVJVHNUTEU/view?usp=sharing "SOME SORTA HYDRO PUMP STATION OR SOMETHING" brought to you by Poohlyash (100% Terry trap free guaranteed). FEATURES 1 ENGAGING NEW LEVEL CUSTOM SOUNDS, POWERUPS, MUSIC, AND MORE no difficulty settings no vanilla support, limit removing ports needed, gzdoom reccomended. cc4-tex.wad required. tested with gzdoom, qzdoom, zdoom Special thanks to : @Dragonfly, @Remmirath, @Xyzzy01, @AtroNx, @leodoom85, id software, Midway and Williams Entertainment Inc., Yuraofthehairfan, Konami, Filmation, and you! Screenshots below.

    1. Myst.Haruko


      Are you use Ancient Aliens resources, because blue looks a bit different. 

    2. Myst.Haruko


      *using, god damnit my broken english

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      Dragonfly shared skulldash's playpal with me.

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      Oh, I understand. 

    5. bzzrak
  13. Laser from contra