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  1. yes. I need that It will be buggy as shit, and we will probably walk thru walls, and enemys will be confused and shit. But i need that.
  2. DOOM64 Basically a congestion 64
  3. PLEASE SAVE THE ENDANGERING SPOOKIE ROCKETLAUNCHER SCARY SKELETONS Everyday, normal difficulty cuts the SRSSkeletons population in half. Save em! Donate to realm667 to make Hissy happy! Also even tho there is more of a large holes with a void in them, you still aint using em. Thx for decreasing number of pillars also.
  4. Difficulty options yet to implement. Ill make pickups teleporting. Ill do something with it. Maybe put trigger in the middle of the room. I cant really change something rn. My mouse broke.
  5. pls rember that wen u feel scare or frigten never forget ttimes wen u feeled happy wen day is dark alway rember happy day
  6. Try looking at the tools available to you, and think about situations where you can you them. Example, i built my entire confinement entry around scroll floor/move things action, and i did everything possible, like teleporting enemies, "scripts" with voodoo dolls, etc etc. Believe in yourself, and dont forget to take brakes, noone forces you to make a wad, or holding a gun to your head.
  7. Sometimes, i have the same problem.And i do think that's a part of making something. I got a bunch of friends that draw beautiful pictures, and they have the same problem.
  8. his map is cool tho
  9. i know oh wait sorry. i dum
  10. @Dragonfly Like that? Really, this defeats the purpose of teleporter, because if a key teleports on a pillar, that will lower in an instant key teleports, why not just put the key on a pillar , and not bother with teleporting. Like i did here Alright, i will do it. It wont make sense, but okay.