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  1. Fairy Gnome Goat

    Little disappointed with the martian alien shit...

    If someone could find that quote deathbringer is talking about concernin the mancubus id like to see it. And also we dont know for sure that the martians were our ancestors, the game never totally confirmed it so perhaps in the expansion we will see different. In the shower one moring (you all know the shower is where the greatest works of literature were thought up right??) i thought up a story arc where hell somehow found a way to open a portal to mars and had planned on taking over earth when we were still primitive but god sent an army of angels to stop it(or something like that, its been a few days ago). The army of angels were serioulsy beaten down by the demons and the only way to stop them was to sacrifice the souls of a bunch of the angels to create the soulcube, which was then taken to the portal by one uber bad arse angel to be used as sort of a lock on the portal. it worked but evil was still a little bit present on mars and when the UAC got there it needed someone like betruger to possess to start with the digging and looking for it/and or building another portal. Wish I could remember all the details. It was brilliant, of course ;)
  2. Fairy Gnome Goat

    What was Doom 3's biggest flaw?

    1. We are martians. Fucking stupid. 2. Too fucking dark. The engines most vaunted graphical feature became one of the larger flaws in the game. Even in a room with lights everywhere you still couldnt see shit with out the flashlight. This game has incredible models and animation but you very rarely got to see it in action because of the constant unending darkness. Youd think hell would be a well lit place with billions of gallons of lava everywhere and everything burning, but nope you still couldnt see for shit. Thank god for the pistol light mod. 3. Spawning in shit behind me. An imp is ok occasionally, OCCASIONALLY... not every 2 minutes. It gets even worse when HELL KNIGHTS AND ARCH VILES are spawning in 3 inches behind you already in the attack animation. On veteran difficulty a hell knight could kill you in maybe 2 plasma whacks if you were at full life. I still feel the orignal doom games have some of the absolute best enemy placement and map design ever.... what the hell happened here Id?? I still enjoyed the game but it could have been much better. Oh and that writer they hired needs to be fired. I think id could have done a much better story on their own instead of relying on some camp ass cliched sci-fi hack of a writer. Oh, and the physics engine needed alot more work.
  3. Fairy Gnome Goat

    Little disappointed with the martian alien shit...

    Making it biblical would have been alot more interesting than aliens. In the expansion I think it needs to make it more clear that the hell in the game is the hell referred to in human religous beliefs.
  4. Fairy Gnome Goat

    Official Doom 3 easter egg thread

    If im not mistaken in System Shock 2 the gameboy type thing you had was called the gamePIG (it may have been gameHOG, its been awhile). You find magazines all over doom 3 called gameHOG. Doom 3's PDA system was very similiar to that of SS2's. Which is a good thing imho.
  5. Is anyone else disappointed with the whole story arc of us (humans) being descended from martians? And the martians were, in greatest cliche fashion, a super advanced race that was just so uber and high tech and all that shit? Smells like a Stargate-SG1 or any other sci-fi universe rip off to me. After I learned that it pretty much ruined the feel of the game for me. I no longer felt I was fighting against hell, hell as religous hell with all the connotations of God and everything, but more like I was figthing some dimensional alien creatures with no religous undertones at all. Part of what made doom so creepy was all the pentagrams and inverted crosses and satanic imagery that sort of tickles that part of the human psyche that says "satan is the worst bad ever man, watch that shit". The "we are martians" story arc just broke the whole franchise for me.
  6. Fairy Gnome Goat

    Well does Doom 3 deserve the title Doom ?

    I dont think it lives up to the orignals. There really is no comparison to the quality of the games. This one is a good game no doutb, but it lacks that feeling of awe the first one inspired. They try way too hard to scare you in doom 3. I really wish this game could scare me, but having an imp jump out at you as soon as you open a door for the hundreth really doesnt do it for me. I stopped getting scared of that kind of shit after playing system shock 2 and seeing what a scary game is REALLY about. It doesnt help that all the monsters sound like they just took sound bits from jurassic park and altered them a bit. Everything sounds like an animal or something, not like a satanic demon from hell. If the creatures had sounded scary I think it would have improved this game in my eyes 10 fold. That one part where you hear the voice say "they stole my baby..." thats the one time It kind of unnerved me... lasted about as long as it took for me to find another dilophosaurus imp to screech in my face. The graphics are great no doubt, but by the lighting engines very nature you dont really get to see most of what is so cool unless you shine your flash light on something and circle around it for a minute. The models and the details on them impress me much much more than the lights and shadows. That fat zombie is the most detailed and realistic looking humanoid ive ever seen in a game period. The animation is outstanding. But despite all this its still a good game. Maybe my opinion will improve as I play, I really want to love this game as much as everyone seems to be. Hell, I spent a pretty penny building a computer for this game so noone wants to love it more than me but its not hit me yet :( So to answer the original question, no, I dont feel it really does so far.
  7. Fairy Gnome Goat

    Doom III suggestions/future engines

    If you want a totally non linear game, try out Morrowind. Its an RPG and all but its completely and utterly non linear. Pretty good too. But the balance is terrible, you can become WAY too high level very easily and quickly and suddenly every monster in the game is dead in 2 seconds. Not so bad if you download some of the mods that increase the difficulty but the developers should have balanced it better.
  8. Fairy Gnome Goat

    The scariest thing in the game.

    Isnt that bunny the doom guys pet or something? I dont know why im thinking this but for some reason it came to mind.
  9. Fairy Gnome Goat

    Family and people in general just aren't worth it

    Have to agree with zarcyb here. When you get older things will seem ALOT different to you.
  10. Fairy Gnome Goat

    New Bland Show Ideas

    Title: The Guys Who Watch Porn and eat Potato Chips and drink Mountain Dew all day. Channel: channel 10925680 Premise: A couple of guys sit around and watch porn and eat potato chips and drink lots of mountain dew. You get to watch them do this. Different kind of chips each week. Length: they do it pretty much all day.
  11. Fairy Gnome Goat

    Another Random Thought Of The Day

    All higher creatures on this planet have an inborn instinctual and unavoidable drive to live and reproduce. Heh, if not for the latter, then why the hell would we put up with women? ;) Thats nature. Religion is societal. I see alot of religion bashing in most forums where said topic is brought up, but religion is not an all bad thing. Everyone needs something that is always steady and certain, a feeling of stability. Its hard to put that into words but you know what I mean. Noone is exempt from this. Some people find this in belief in a higher power, others in whatever else.
  12. Fairy Gnome Goat

    DOOMWORLD Forum DB Size?

    In a scottish accent: "Friggin HUGE!"
  13. Fairy Gnome Goat

    No Doom 3 this year?

    Wonder if it has anything to do with Reznor pulling out? As in them having to redo alot of soundwork that he wouldnt allow them to use/never finished.
  14. Fairy Gnome Goat

    Death to the ORcs!

    Any way to get helms deep running in Jdoom?
  15. I just want another awesome FPS to go along with half life 2. Two bitchin games released in the same general time frame would very much restore my faith in modern game development. There wont be an M-16 in doom 3, why even waste time arguing about it? I doubt a group of hard assed elite marines on a fucking military base on ANOTHER PLANET are going to be equipped with centuries old assault rifles. I mean what the hell? Ill be very pleased if the weapons in doom 3 are named just like they were in classic doom: Pistol Shotun Chaingun (Assault rifle for D3 I suppose) Rocket Launcher Etc... (edited for embarrassing grammar)