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  1. Zauberer

    Thanks Nikita, shading is hard sometimes. Here is a version with rising bubbles: Here is also an Amulet of Warding (arm4). It has only one frame in Hexen so it's one frame here too:
  2. Zauberer

    Possible quartz flask (ptn2*): Yeah do that, there is also a webchat, perhaps I should have mentioned that :) http://webchat.quakenet.org/
  3. Zauberer

    Well, sure if anyone want to do that be my guest. I'm a bit skeptic to Discord because it's exactly like IRC but with lots of emojis. There is also vendor lock-in and the risk of them mining/selling your data for strange purposes, but perhaps that's just me :)
  4. Zauberer

    If you're into IRC I made a channel for project chat at QuakeNet.org called #zauberer. IRC is mostly dead these days but someone may see the topic and get interested in Zauberer that way. I'll drop by the channel occasionally when I'm online, not everyday though.
  5. Zauberer

    Added a slight pulsating effect to the crystal vial. It's still red though, we should come up with a quartz flask of our own.
  6. Zauberer

    Thanks for those @Nikita_Sadkov , I hadn't seen them and they seem great. Nice @Cire! It's cool to see your sprites in action, even if they're just one-framers. I'll probably change the color of the crystal vial since it's easy to mix up with the quartz flask that is also red. Some day I'll learn how to make a PWAD myself to test stuff out.
  7. Zauberer

    Here's my idea of a Disc of Repulsion... Now for the tricky part of animating it. Cyan background and BMP-format is in the works :)
  8. Zauberer

    Well, my IWAD making skills are seriously lacking but I'll see if can squeeze out some more graphics for one. The fact that @Nikita_Sadkov made a texture brought my hopes up for the project. I'll just file the PWAD to my personal collection and get cracking with the graphics :) And please do continue PWAD-ing... True that.
  9. Zauberer

    Hey @Cire, how come the zaub.wad file was removed from the repo? I kind of liked that one :)
  10. Zauberer

    A question, in the zauberer-iwad Readme you write that you want cyan to be RGB 0, 255, 255. The closest color to this in the Hexen palette is color index #223 which is 80, 236, 252. Do you want me to convert to 24-bit BMP format and replace the cyan I used (color index #223)? I used 8-bit graphics, 256 colors.
  11. Zauberer

    Sure, I'll look at it tonight. But I'll hold off on the sound since we don't know what to call that one yet.
  12. Zauberer

    Ok I got sidetracked so I'll just push what we have now :) Made a pull request to CireG's repo, the three sprites are identical and I don't know what to call the pickup sound yet.
  13. Zauberer

    Ok, check it now (previous page). I redid it using the Hexen palette. I'll wait with the commit to Github though, I might have another one coming.
  14. Zauberer

    Sure thing, but where do I find the palette? The sprites in the Zauberer repo have palettes that differ quite a bit. I can with some effort make it "from scratch" using the values listed here: https://zdoom.org/wiki/Palette . The Hexen and Doom palettes seem to use different indexes for cyan though. Perhaps it doesn't matter that much at this early stage?
  15. Zauberer

    Another thing, here is a little doodle that perhaps can be of use: Larger: I thought it could be a possible crystal vial replacement. I made it with the Blasphemer palette but they already have a crystal vial (actually bottle). I can fork the Github-repo and add it if it's of any use.