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  1. SimonChiu

    Doom marine shotgun

    Hi Anyone selling any doom marine reaper miniature?
  2. SimonChiu

    Doom Reaper miniature trading thread

    Do you have an email ? Hi I've sent you an private message. Please do reply. Thanks
  3. SimonChiu

    Doom Reaper miniature trading thread

    Hi I'm based in the UK I will pay for postage. Do you have the doom marine/hero? Thanks
  4. Hi guys, I'm new to this forum. I've been searching for a year now. I'm after the doom marine/hero reaper miniature. I've been on eBay a lot refreshing the "doom reaper", "doom pewter" and any other that relates to the search. I have the whole set but all I'm after is the doom marine/hero. Is anyone who know any suggestions or want to sell the doom marine? I'm definitely interested. Please let me know Thanks
  5. SimonChiu

    Collecting Doom Stuff

    Is anyone selling any doom reaper marine miniatures ? I'm very interested in them. Thanks