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  1. Faceball 2000

    Is this related to Quake3world?

    I was wondering if these forums had anything to do with quake3world.com, since they both use "world" in the name? (Also, does anyone know why I am not able to register on that site? I play Quake3Arena also as FaceBall 2000 :D)
  2. Faceball 2000

    can't connect to LMS server

    I got the LMS 4.0 patch from moddb.com, but every time I try to connect to lastmanstanding server I get "...you are missing pak files" message. Also, strange thing is I've played on that server before (although this was while I had windows vista, now I'm using win 10 - could that be the problem?)
  3. Faceball 2000

    Should the site allow Doom 3 maps?

    It would be nice to see mods for this game - there have been Doom 1 maps done for this version, but then again it might not have much interest from anybody in the meantime. Also - does Rage the game have some mods for it?
  4. Faceball 2000

    First Person Shooter (Hidden Gems)

    On my computer I remember playing Lands of Lore : Guardians of Destiny. Even though it mostly has an adventure theme, the action scenarios where good. Also, one game I though was well made was Cyber-Cop for the Sega Genesis.
  5. Faceball 2000

    First Person Bystander?

    I've played many games for long, and I'm reminded during this anniversary of the riots in L.A. that I wasn't necessarily in shooting games. I've played many PC and console games, but games that involve violent scenarios involving gunfire might not always have a lasting wanting of warfare (example : games like Contra or even the Faceball 2000, or MIDI Maze as it was originally called, didn't have me lusting for semi-automatic anything). It would probably be only a couple of years after said riots that violent gaming would gain attention, although some violent software might also be hand to hand combat, like Double Dragon or Mortal Kombat. It might be that gamers each have their own taste of what genre they like (I've always been interested in action and RPG games), and news events might be serious and, well, I guess they shouldn't get to us psychologically, either.
  6. Faceball 2000

    The /newstuff Chronicles #530

    I have been a fan of Heretic (mostly Hexen, though), and think mods of whatever level sounds great!
  7. Faceball 2000

    having diffiiculty joining LMS co-op

    Thanks, one thing though - after renaming it's asking me to merge, so I merge the folders with the .cfg and .dll files?
  8. Faceball 2000

    having diffiiculty joining LMS co-op

    I've played Doom 3 in multiplayer, but it's been a while and I've upgraded my laptop to a Windows 10 64 bit - I don't know if that's the problem, but anyway, even after installing the last man standing co-op mod, after running it, the screen tells me I "don't have files required to join server" - why?