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Everything posted by SgtNickStoltz

  1. SgtNickStoltz


    It works, and it's a little boring. I spiced it up with Vanilla Brutal Doom and it's much morf fun with that. This wad comes with a sweet sound pack too! With killer clips from Beavis and Butthead to make sure your ears bleed within a couple minutes!
  2. SgtNickStoltz

    The Abandoned Barracks

    It works, but a tad difficult at start then it just becomes an easter egg hunt.
  3. SgtNickStoltz

    Into The Abyss

    Really needs some ammo at the start, and better placement of the minigun. Also I suppose the secret is pretty unfair because I searched the entire map humpin' the walls and couldn't find it. It's okay.
  4. SgtNickStoltz


    Not that great. There are some fun fights, but also buggy and confusing designs.
  5. SgtNickStoltz

    The Abandoned Base of Hellspawn

    In comparison to all the other crap, this is fine. Nice, quick, and it made sense. No need for noclip.