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Posts posted by wfza1

  1. Thanks for the feedback, I genuinely appreciate it.

    The timings were a hard one to nail down and I honestly struggled with it. In future I'll try to obtain a beat track to try to improve this.

    You're not the first to comment about the spoiler alert, it seems the general consensus is it was in poor taste. The logic at the time was that I'd figured everyone would know that the Spider Mastermind would be the final boss, even those who hadn't played Doom 2016, but kept away from the new aspects like the Guardians, context with main characters, runes and collectibles. I admit, if I did it again I would do a different warning at the start.

    Thanks again for the feedback!

  2. Seems some people are finding success by moving it from a HDD to an SSD, but it's not a guaranteed fix (judging by responses).

    General information I'm finding suggests it's something to do with memory leaks and textures getting stuck. Overall it seems to be a common issue with no clear fix. I'll keep searching and edit this post if I find anything more concrete.

  3. Enforcer said:

    I think my favorite is The Baron chainsaw kill. .It's like BZZZ there goes the leg and then BZZZ EAT IT BITCH! ! ! !

    First time I did this I was like "Woah, there goes his leg! WOW THERE GOES HIS HEAD!"
    Now that I think about it the glory kills in general were all pretty creative.