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Status Updates posted by Maisth

  1. Even though this is not doom related, i felt like posting this here since it has to do with level design, anyway this is one of the maps i've made for Catharsis Reborn check it out!




    Just like Doom, there are bad maps on Duke 3D

  3. POSTAL: A Day in Paradise its finally here for you POSTAL Fans i think you gonna like this!



  4. I Just received my Duke Nukem 3D Level Design Handbook book with the CD!


  5. I Did it!, i am now officially on Senior/12th grade, Vacations here i come!

  6. Well, it had to happen sometime i guess.


    I was hired by WhackJob Interactive to help them make Catharsis Reborn, very happy right now since i get to work on a favorite game of mine



  7. Today i bought the Duke Nukem 3D Level Design Handbook, hoping to arrive here soon.

  8. Exam days, hopefully everything goes right!

    1. Trupiak


      Math exam tommorow here, good luck to both of us lol

  9. For those wondering how COD WWII Plays, here's a shit gameplay video about it


    its total garbage

    1. Philnemba



      For those wondering how COD WWII Plays, here's a shit gameplay video about it


      its total garbage

      That and they removed the Nazi swastikas in multiplayer <_<

    2. nxGangrel


      I honestly thought for a while they removed the nazi's all together in multiplayer. The other team would just be recolored Americans I guess.

    3. Marlamir


      WW2 games are  all about swastikas and nazi's, this looks like retextured older games.

  10. Ghost recon is back and its crap once again 



  11. Here's my gameplay video about RAID: WW2 



  12. Today's my birthday, man hard to believe im 17 years old time has passed fast.

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    2. pavera


      Just gets faster from there. Happy birthday! Enjoy your youth and freedom while it lasts.

    3. ShoDemo


      Happy birthday!   :)

    4. BigDickBzzrak


      One more year and you're officially an adult. Until then, happy birthday!

  13. Do you consider Anime a Disease or a Drug addiction?

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    2. Zakken


      Anime is trash and so am I

    3. Da Werecat

      Da Werecat

      I mean, anime is primarily about child-like faces and high-pitched voices saying things like KAWAII and SENPAI? And it causes people to marry their pillows?? How can you support something like this???

    4. Voros


      The people who make anime have more balls than the western ones. So anime is good for the freaky/cute factor. But it all depends on quality really.

      Regretfully, I don't have the time or interest to watch animes. If one suddenly pops up, I might watch it. Same goes for songs, movies, etc.

  14. Man been enjoying Shadow Warrior Reboot i gotta say its pretty good!

    1. geo


      Yeah its tough to go back to other FPS after Shadow Warrior and its powers and key combos.

  15. The future is here now.



    1. Koros


      Actually, the present is now. The future is ahead of us and the past is behind us. So.... The present is now.

    2. Zanieon


      I tried to use Hammer Editor once, i quit 5 minutes later because the last update that shit recieved was 13 years ago and it still looks like 1990 mapping tool.

  16. Damn Ableton Live 9 Really does have some Cool sounds to make

  17. Man these windows are a pain in the ass to make

    Shitty window.png

    1. Phade102


      A cs go map eh? Hostage or bomb? Or just deathmatch?

    2. Maisth


      Defuse, though its taking a while to make.

  18. Man i gotta say the creation of complex shapes in both Unreal 2 And Source are fantastic

    1. snapshot


      Haven't gotten into the Unreal thing till UE4, all complex shapes are made completely outside of the editor.

    2. Maisth


      Source shapes are all made in the Editor of course by different windows but you don't have to open another program to make it,


      Unreal 2 Has a individual way to make by opening another window which lets you create all sort of stuff, there's a vertices mode that allows you to edit shapes also in both X, Y and Z

  19. After using Source i can say it feels pretty good to use

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    2. Maisth


      Actually before Mapping for Unreal Engine and Source i thought about mapping for Quake and trying it out, Problem is 2 things.


      1: I Don't have the original quake so ill had to buy it on steam but right now i can't


      2: Getting Quake to run on a modern PC Its kind of a chore unlike Doom


      also i've heard that Quake was never released or was open to the public like Doom was.

    3. MrGlide


      #1, completely understandable. #2, dark places, it's a wonderful source port that isn't hard to set up, It's really great. Also quake injector is really helpful and not bad to set up either.


      Quakes source code was released just like doom, it was the fundemental code for halflife, and many first person shooters. The quake engine has evolved in so many ways and directions, it's amazing. Last I checked Call of Duty runs on a heavely modified quake engine.


      There are a lot of cool mods for quake.

    4. Maisth


      Might check out in the future when i master Source, since Source's origins are from Quake engine so it may be similar looking back at Quake

  20. Coming soon in 4K



  21. Just finished Postal 2 Paradise Lost and i gotta say its an amazing Expansion Pack

  22. What do you guys think of my New Banner for my profile?

  23. are you an Ass or Boobs type of guy?

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    2. seablock
    3. CzechMate29200



    4. CzechMate29200


       here in the Czech Republic, we call them "Mliekarne"  it's actually the name of a store that sold nothing but milk only :D

  24. I did it guys! i won the game.

    no life.png

  25. Awesome music

    1. MarsHappyNation


      Man, totally forgot about Postal until now. I really gotta get around to playing Paradise Lost sometime soon.