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  1. After using Source i can say it feels pretty good to use

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    2. Maisth


      Actually before Mapping for Unreal Engine and Source i thought about mapping for Quake and trying it out, Problem is 2 things.


      1: I Don't have the original quake so ill had to buy it on steam but right now i can't


      2: Getting Quake to run on a modern PC Its kind of a chore unlike Doom


      also i've heard that Quake was never released or was open to the public like Doom was.

    3. MrGlide


      #1, completely understandable. #2, dark places, it's a wonderful source port that isn't hard to set up, It's really great. Also quake injector is really helpful and not bad to set up either.


      Quakes source code was released just like doom, it was the fundemental code for halflife, and many first person shooters. The quake engine has evolved in so many ways and directions, it's amazing. Last I checked Call of Duty runs on a heavely modified quake engine.


      There are a lot of cool mods for quake.

    4. Maisth


      Might check out in the future when i master Source, since Source's origins are from Quake engine so it may be similar looking back at Quake