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  1. This is LMOP's Show a mod i'm developing for Doom II Using GZDoom as my main source port. Now to clarify the first image, you may be thinking this is a Terry wad of some sort, but i assure you, it's not, i use Images as Bosses but they don't play unfairly nor they have a shit ton of HP, etc, they are images because it's the most easy way to make a new enemy, and also it's intentional since the mod it's based on a joke channel, get it? Joke Channel, Joke Mod? Level wise, you'll be exploring different areas like for example, you get to explore, The City, Hell, Mars, etc. Anyway the mod will bring new weapons, new textures from different games like Duke3D, new sprites, etc, and among other things. Credits (until now): Maisth (Aiden) Level Designer, Programmer, Spriter. (Creator) Los Manos Over Power (LMOP) (Inspiration and Texture) Duke Nukem 3D (Textures, sprites, etc...) Eradrop (Skybox Textures)(Doomworld)
  2. No pause in cutscene

    Hey since im trying to make a cutscene and it has music that ends with another scene happening, if you pause the game it ruins the flow of the cutscene and the music ends abrutply instead of ending right at the end of the music (hard to explain stuff) Anyway what im wondering is, if there's a way to unbind every pause key so the player has no way of pausing the cutscene hence not ruining the flow, or maybe pause the music while in the pause menu.
  3. Hopefully the folks at Eduke32 can figure out something and make full use of the capabilities of Build 2, maybe even port some features to the original Build.
  4. En esta parte veremos a como crear Portales Interactivos.
  5. Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    Walkthrough of my own map.
  6. I said sometime ago that i would like to see a doom that happens in earth while doomguy is fighting in mars or hell, it could be a prequel and a sequel at the same time. From my perspective a DOOM set on Earth could be either Doomguy coming back to Earth or either playing from one of the perspective of the survivor's who was able to survive the demon invasion. (kinda what the original DOOM 4 was trying to achieve)
  7. Fading out of black

    Hello, im trying to create a cutscene that fades out of black in the beginning and fades into black in the end. Thing is FadeTo only seems to work to Fade to a certain color, and not to fade out of a certain color. Is there a way to fade out of a certain color?
  8. Game's legit and very fun to play, i'd recommend it to everyone who loves games from the old times.
  9. Which maps or projects are you most proud of?

    Trapped And Liberty, Watchtower and the rest were good but i feel like they could have been better with more time given, Worlds which is still in Beta will be the one that ill be most proud of when it releases

    Just like Doom, there are bad maps on Duke 3D

  11. POSTAL: A Day in Paradise its finally here for you POSTAL Fans i think you gonna like this!



  12. Get WD while you still can forever! https://freetrial.ubisoft.com/promotions/watch-dogs-1/8/ (Ignore the FreeTrial name you keep it forever, Ubisoft confirmed it)