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  1. Trapped And Liberty, Watchtower and the rest were good but i feel like they could have been better with more time given, Worlds which is still in Beta will be the one that ill be most proud of when it releases

    Just like Doom, there are bad maps on Duke 3D

  3. POSTAL: A Day in Paradise its finally here for you POSTAL Fans i think you gonna like this!



  4. Get WD while you still can forever! (Ignore the FreeTrial name you keep it forever, Ubisoft confirmed it)
  5. I Just received my Duke Nukem 3D Level Design Handbook book with the CD!


  6. I Did it!, i am now officially on Senior/12th grade, Vacations here i come!

  7. This is where all the budget from the game went
  8. Well, it had to happen sometime i guess.


    I was hired by WhackJob Interactive to help them make Catharsis Reborn, very happy right now since i get to work on a favorite game of mine



  9. Final Doom
  10. Humble Bundle is giving away Civilization III Grab it while you can!
  11. EA Only seem to get worse and worse, even with the new Battlefront 2 EA, i really can't trust them anymore they are worse than Activision.
  12. gg
  13. Does anyone remember the Conflict series? my first one was Desert storm 1 or 2 i can't remember correctly, if i recall correctly i played it with my cousins, 4 Player Coop on the PS2 on the most shittiest TV Screen of that time. We had a blast playing it.
  14. Im not against asking questions, but you seem to ask too many. Many of the things you ask could easily be researched on the internet, unless there's no answer which is unlikely because the internet is full of information Besides, asking too many questions will make you look like an ignorant since you apparently know nothing, Don't take anything i said like an offense though.
  15. Why do you have to ask so many questions?
  16. There's two ways to fix this. 1: You can delete the sectors that are to the Left and Right of the Door, this way the problem is fixed. 2: If you need those sectors for some apparent reason, you can just UP the sectors, by this i mean don't have the wall DOWN as usual. (Its hard to explain but once you do it its pretty easy)
  17. Rayman legends has that type of difficulty, its one of the best platformers in a long time also.
  18. I have always preferred a Learning curve type of Difficulty it seems that Mario games are the only ones that got this right.
  20. Does anybody know if the code that brings Office 365 Personal Physical edition is permanent or has a date of expiry if not used?
  21. Today i bought the Duke Nukem 3D Level Design Handbook, hoping to arrive here soon.

  22. Its a fun game on a serious note, Doom is the game that made me start level designing for games, so it will always have a place in my heart for being the one
  23. Grand theft auto: San Andreas the one and only