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  1. This is my dog, Boo. I think he's a mix, Pomeranian but with some other breed that I forgot.
  2. With all the stuff I have installed, like source ports, WADs, Mods, and much other stuff, the file I have for DOOM has accumulated 1.10 gigabytes of content. How much storage have you taken up with DOOM?
  3. I don't know if there's an option to quote replies from other threads But, here it is anyway.
  4. Anything that alters gameplay. So stuff like High Noon Drifter, Russian Overkill, maybe Brutal DOOM/Project Brutality if you feel like it. I've played more gameplay mods than WADs, and had more fun. Maybe use ZDL so you can use mods and wads at the same time. That's what I can say.
  5. Porn.
  6. I'm wanting to make a DOOM wad that'll include some of the Skulltag stuff. Anyone have a download?
  7. Potential weak-spot?
  8. My school managed to get and give every safety glasses then let everyone outside so they can't miss out.
  9. My cat jumped on my bed as I was sleeping. She was lying on top of me also, so I couldn't get up to take a piss.
  10. That explains it well. Thanks!
  11. But is ZDL an acronym for ZDOOM Launcher or is it just called ZDL
  12. ZDOOM Launcher?
  13. I've seen so many video where people are looking at WADs or Mods only to load a crap ton of wads into one game at the end, but i've never been able to find anything like it. Do people just make maps in DOOM Builder with all the wads in?