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  1. williej

    Help with Risen3d

    Thanks, I guess I'll pick up Doom 2 now
  2. williej

    Help with Risen3d

    I just purchased ultimate doom and am using it with the Risen3D port, which states on their website it can use the doom wad from ultimate doom. I can play the standard doom maps, but if I try to play a downloaded third party map that is present in the "installed games" window, I get this error that the doom wad cannot be found http://i.imgur.com/2mwd7Qf.jpg In the window "doom games" here it is http://i.imgur.com/apme0dO.jpg This happened with a number of maps downloaded from the Risen3d webpage. I am new to doom ports, so can someone tell me how to run third party maps with Risen3d?