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Status Updates posted by BlueSonnet

  1. My A2 results came back today. They are as follows.

    Art: B (heh)
    History: C
    English literature: D

    Shame about the english literature. :(

    Btw: If you non-english folks have no idea what i'm talking about, think school examinations that you do in whatever education system applies when you're 18 years old.

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    2. Janderson


      Ouch, You did better than I.


      Has any one ever done resits?
      Would I have to relive the whole year?

    3. Jayextee


      I dropped out of my A-levels, due to an unforseen bout of homelessness about four years ago. I was predicted A in Computer Science, A-U in english (My teacher branded me as the cliche; Brilliant but lazy; damn that Petay Parkay shit) and I dropped out of Chemistry early because it gave me headaches, even though I was predicted B.

      And I remember almost none of any of it :D

      You did well, kiddo :D

      [edited due to dyslexia-related errors]

    4. BlueSonnet


      Janderson said:

      Has any one ever done resits?
      Would I have to relive the whole year?

      I've done resits for my AS exams from last year. I got a C for art and an E for everything else. For A2 i dropped computing and resat the specific exams i did poor in. My History grade was raised to a C whilst the English grade was still an E (one mark away from a D the rotten bastarts).

      I dunno about resitting the whole year. I continued through A2 whilst resitting the papers of AS. Still my friend weren't very happy when he got shit results so he resitted the year.

      Btw: Unlucky Janderson. :( Hope you get better grades next time.

  2. Got up early, ate breakfast and got ready, checking i got everythi, and went off to get Doom3.

    Got there at 9am. Had to wait a bloody half an hour before the shop opened, but i did go into virgin megastore and saw a copy available there. Didn't buy it though, as i preordered it from the GAME two weeks ago as i would get a free doom 3 t-shirt with it.

    So yeah, 9:30 the shop opened and i went in. Weren't much of a queue, only this one guy who was buying several games including a preordered doom 3. I blame kazaa and the like personally. In any case. By precisely 9:35, doom 3 and the T-shirt was mine. After years of waiting its finally mine (i'll address that its the game i most want, not the shirt :P)

    Here's a bunch of photos of me and the game.

    Feel free to post your own photos of your copy of doom3 fellow Britons. :)

    Edit: Yes i know there's been a thread previously about posting screenies, but it's about a week old and i want this one for us Europeans.

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    2. GS-1719


      I went later in the afternoon to pick up a copy, but Game were out of stock. I would be bothered but for 2 things - they are charging £10 more than Amazon, and I'm still on placement and wouldn't be able to play it for weeks yet anyway.

    3. BlueSonnet


      Well i'm back, from my trip to hell.

      So yup i had a few more fiddles with the settings of the game. Believe it or not I managed to get the game fps to about an average of 30, and occationally it was up to 50 to 60, all along with features i kept such as stencil shading and bumpmapping. Pretty cool, but guess what? Amongst all the changes i made, one of them was to crank the resolution down to (wait for it...)

      320 to 240 pixels


      Yeah i know, i suck, but figured if my graphics card is going to act like a shit card then i'll treat it like one. :P Didn't seem to ruin gameplay for me in any case, but afraid i can't comment much on graphics.

      Ok analysis:

      The first hour of the game was pretty amazing, just like what pcgamer said. All the people doing this that and the other, spreading rumours, greeting you as a newbie and the like. I often found myself sitting still for a bit to watch the news in the game or playing super turbo turkey puncher (weren't too much to see there but i doubt i was going to see it again so meh). Lighting was pretty cool obviously, but you do take it for granted after a while.

      To cut to the chase i like the way it was building up to the moment when hell breaks loose, when the lighting started to get dark or people were talking more about strange occurences and the like. I was quite amazed that the part where hell breaks loose wasn't a scripted movie as shown in the trailers, meaning i had to keep an eye on my surroundings (and the zombie-to-be chap on my right) whilst watching the carnage on the screen.

      As far as the fright factor goes, i didn't find it scary so far. I blame the footage that was released as it got me ready for the worst (but still i need to play the rest of the game). I proceeded with caution though, checking the rooms with my flashlight before proceeding ahead. I didn't find it to be any surprise when i first encountered a spanner-armed zombie standing right on the other side of a door. On the other hand there were moments that got me jumpy and made me stop and think. After i killed my first zombie i almost jumped out of my skin when another came behind me an shot me in the head (i was playing it on veteran btw), before i kicked his ass to high hell. Whilst the standard zombies were pretty much easy, the imps i faced were the ones that got the adrenaline going. They take more damage than their original counterparts and the cramped conditions only made it worse. Otherwise they weren't too much of a pain. What got me killed the first time was my carelessness towards the zombies with guns. I often fought them in dark conditions where they fired from the shadows, and i was left wondering where they were. Gonna get that bastard the next time i play this game.

      Quick list of other things i liked.
      . The blur effects when you get hit.
      . The shading; seeing a shadow creeping round the corner and all.
      . The voice acting and facial animations (not up to HL2 standards but decent enough).
      . How the zombies hid in the shadows.

      Finally some things i didn't like.
      . The zombie gibbing; sorry, but it doesn't let me see the cool ragdoll physiques as much as i can.
      . Could have just been me playing the game on veteren but i was hoping that the amount of enemies were more spaced out throughout the levels and acted by themselves rather than just waiting on the spot for me, just so that i could get that paranoia feeling that something might be behind me.
      . I still need to play the game some more, but i wanna see more wall climbing imps as much as normal walkers.
      . Is it just me or some of the monsters i encountered so far could have done with more sfx?

      Overall, pretty damn swell so far.

      I think my next mission is to get a better graphics card. I should kick myself in the ass for not doing it earlier (i'm a bum you see). Even if i can run the game, i'm sure it would look a 100 times more sexy with say, even Geforce 4 128 mb thing for my PC, and perform better too. Compared to my other hardware components it is only the graphics card that is letting me down. For now maybe i should fiddle with my settings some more, but gathering about £100 to £250 is a priority.

      Otherwise, its worth the bloody wait so far. Good job Id. :)

      Off to bed now i think.

    4. Szymanski


      Enjoying it so far, except I just got owned by a cheap trap :(

      1024x768 high detail and looking very good

  3. It was a pretty good film IMO. Cgi was pretty cool, particularly with the rain on the character's faces\fur and Antonio did a good job with puss in boots. Typically it has the whole "let's have a fantasy world with a modern theme" with tvs and stuff like that, like what so many american cartoons have these days, but half the time it added to the humour of the movie. Overall it was quite funny and i recommend it to anyone who likes this sort of stuff.

    Dunno about a shrek 3 or 4 though, like what dreamworks have in mind.

  4. Been up for a week now. I felt like showing it off. This is based on the manga artwork that i've been showing for the past few months. So now you can see what it's all about. :)


    Heh. I'm not really a fiction dude tbh. I prefer to draw (as you're all aware ;) ). Still, this would have taken me donkey years if it was a comic. In any case, i hope what i've learnt in English literature has paid off.

    Any ways that i may critisize it? Whilst the people i've shown it to say it's awesome, i can't help wondering if i've made some blunders. Firstly there were a lot of grammer errors before i put this up on fictionpress and whilst i've done my best to correct everyone of them, there might be one or two that i've forgotten about. Secondly, I tend to think i've been a bit repetitive with the choice of wording, and somehow i don't think i've explained much on the science of certain things. Still, it plays around the theme of mystery i suppose, and perhaps doesn't clog up the flow of the plot. That and perhaps one could say that it's a typical manga, though i've tried my best to steer the story away from something like the shit anime on tv. Ah well, i do this sort of thing for fun i guess.

    In any case i give you the story. Pretty long i might add for 3 pages. In any case, i hope you enjoy it. :)
    In case you're wondering about the setting, think of it as a world like FF7, in which there is the coexistence of advanced technology and basic technology.

    Keep a lookout for updates on the story.

    edit: Btw taking a look at it, some of the paragraphing is the result of fictionpress not me. Sorry for the inconvience. If you want me to send you the original word document(s) via email, feel free to to ask, as long as you can provide your email address.

    1. BlueSonnet



      A slight update. Here's the current cover for episode 2. Maybe due for a change


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    2. Bucket


      I commend you for enduring the nightmare known as "trying to develop a non-shitty technique for water-based paint, especially MOTHERFUCKING WATERCOLOR".

      *golf clap*

    3. kainisbanned


      its all in the paper. my drawings looked like shit until i changed paper. hoy cow, night and day difference.

    4. BlueSonnet


      Numbermind said:

      I commend you for enduring the nightmare known as "trying to develop a non-shitty technique for water-based paint, especially MOTHERFUCKING WATERCOLOR".

      Water-based paints are wicked. >:D

  5. Been watching the Shin Hokuto no ken anime recently. I hope to get round to watching Killbill at some point this week.

    Post what you've been watching.

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    2. Chopkinsca


      I hate TV quite a lot, so I try to avoid watching it. The only show I can say I enjoy watching latey is 'Trailer Park Boys'. I think it's a clever well done show. I also live in the city where it takes place.

    3. BlueSonnet


      Watching day of the dead at the moment. Looks pretty daft.

    4. Danarchy


      Oh yeah, I've also recently discovered that Spike TV runs approximately 10 hours of Star Trek a day, so I've finaly gotten a opportunity to watch a lot of Deep Space 9. I also finaly got to see Datalore for the first time today.

  6. I was the one who bumped the shadowrunner thread. I realised at the last minute that i did and then deleted the post. Then i logged off, then nukage posted, and here we are now.

    So yeah, Nukage isn't to blame, don't ban him or nothing. I'm the one who was responsible. I'm the fucking idiot. Sorry.

    1. Ichor


      I wasn't going to ban him anyway. I wondered why his post didn't make any sense. Now I know, heheh.

      Tinkers with the thread...

    2. Liam


      apology accepted

  7. http://www.50megs.com/


    My vote's going for 50megs at the moment. I can put up with some of the geocity type of burdens for free web hosting. And no this is not for a doom site.

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    2. rf`


      Neither have hotlinking and bandwith limits up the ass. They both suck walnuts.

    3. Gokuma


      Draconio said:

      But what if I can't understand French?

      Who said I understand French?

    4. BlueSonnet


      Time's up. 50 megs it is. Like i said, i'll just have to put up with the burdens of the sites, at least until perhaps i get my own webspace.

      Onwards with the secret art project then.

  8. http://www.fictionpress.com/

    I wanna put on some of my stories onto this site but i'm a little cautious. The rules seem pretty reasonable and protective of the fics on the site and thousands of fan fics on there already.

    What do you think? I know it can't be 100% safe for me to put up stories without the risk of people stealing it, but do you think i go for it or ditch it?

    1. Arckra


      I've used that site for a good while, even before it existed and the original section was a part of fanfiction.net. You just have to worry about their popup ads. I got a nasty trojan from there that took a good deal of effort to get out.

      As for keeping your stories safe, there's really no guarnatee anywhere that they won't steal it, but yeah they make it pretty clear that stealing stories is bad.

    2. BlueSonnet


      Arckra said:

      You just have to worry about their popup ads. I got a nasty trojan from there that took a good deal of effort to get out.

      Heh. I love Mozilla :)

  9. So now i'm 18.

    Now what?

    1. Melfice


      Happy Birthday :)

      Dunno what to do now, I was sorta the same way when I turned 18...hmmm...I suppose you could just enjoy the fact that you've turned 18 for now :P I'm sure something will come up that it'll be useful for.

    2. insertwackynamehere
    3. Scuba Steve
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    2. Job


      Poor Vegeta and Goku.

    3. Trasher][


      OK, let me go over each one.

      Neko In A Basket: I know someone who will happily kill for this pic.
      B-Ko: Been a loooooong time since I heard THAT name.
      SSJ Vegeta: Nice.
      Zed's Basement: Hahaha, nice 'n' twisted.
      Superpants: Purebred awesome.
      Superpants versus TSTuke: The greatest matchup since Marvel versus Capcom.

    4. Danarchy


      Hahaha...Vegeta gets sodomized.

  10. http://www.pyrrha.org/pulp/

    I'm Jules according to this thing.

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    2. Captain Red

      Captain Red

      insertwackynamehere said:
      Isn't that Ringo? Or Yolanda. One was honeybun, if I recall.

      No, They just called him Ringo 'coz of the hair. His actual name was never given.

    3. Johnatone


      The Wolf. Which is cool, 'cause the Wolf is cool. He's just one of those kind of guys I'd feel perfectly safe with. Plus he's played by Harvey Kitel, Kietel, ah fuck you know who I mean, he's kick ass. As far as who I myself think i'm like, Jimmie. Definately. And Lance, 'cause I like drugs. :)

    4. Tobester



      im teh wolf

  11. One year ago i registered at DW forums. One year ago i posted my first art thread. One year ago i made my first post. One year ago i entered the madness of doomworld.

    Throughout that time i have spent many an hour, posted many an art thread, made 1297 posts, created many a thread, given many a lol or imo, expressed many an opinion, have lmao many an occation have gone on many an unnecessary emotional tangene,downloaded many a wad, created many a sprite, asked for much advice, , tried "unwillingly" trolling on several occations, offered help with either a tc or other topics, changed my name twice, got voted 7th sexiest guy on doomworld, took the life of a forum lurker, recently made a "dent" in the doom art section, and loads of other stuff that i can't remember, and in spite of it all i still see myself as a n00b.

    It's been tough. There's been upheavel, but i survived. I continued to play the game. I've had fun. In a forum as crazy as this, you just can't give up. There's always something dragging you back kicking and screaming. Something keeps calling you back. And in spite of all i can't help knowing that i made the right choice coming here. And even though i'm little more than a lurker these days, even though i don't take this stuff as seriously as i used to, I guess i can't say anything else other than thanks.

    Doomworld forums: The toughest joint around.


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    2. Kid Airbag

      Kid Airbag

      Just passed my three-year mark sometime in December. Damn, it seems so much shorter than that.

    3. Ichor


      No they don't. They did for about a day or two after it opened, but because it was such a spamfest, it was made hidden and the postcount++ removed.

    4. Melfice


      Your welcome, if I've done anything to help your experience here, that is (I don't think so but oh well).

      Please stick around and keep posting your artwork :) I don't know about others, but I like it, and think you're a good artist. Keep it up man!


      P.S.: Since you're posting as BlueSonnet again, you should try to get that old Ryoko avatar back, once the forums avatar thing quits screwing up, that was a really good one hehe.

  12. Almost. This one's a nude pic of a character of mine (see my previous art threads). This pic's a combination of marker pens and photoshop techniques. The use of colours and light in this pic again creates a rather sexy image. The intention was indeed to create something moody and dreamy. Mind you, i was listening to the track "wheels" from unreal tournament when creating this picture. Here we go

    and the original

    Something tells me i should have done the lines of this pic in black, as i would stand out more in that way. Haven't received any criticism in that aspect.

    BTW if it means anything, the next similar pic to this won't have the arms in the way, so you'll see the breasts in full awe. Just thought i'd say that.

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    2. Shapeless


      Is it Ok to request photoshoped pics of Nude Obeasse women into the Mancubus, as submissions to my next contest, and then post them here. If it only shows boobage?:D

    3. Danarchy


      Shapeless said:

      Is it Ok to request photoshoped pics of Nude Obeasse women into the Mancubus, as submissions to my next contest, and then post them here. If it only shows boobage?:D

      I'm not entirely sure what you;re getting at there, but whatever it is, it sounds pretty horrible.

    4. Silverwyvern


      A long time ago I posted a demon with a visable penis and testicles. I have yet to be 'warned'. Also.. what if someone made a more real version of the bull demon. Nostrils, anus, and reproductive organs present?

      It's such a fine line I think they should be judged per image, not per vague genre.

  13. Bit sad really

    1. toxicfluff


      I'll bet he has some traumatic memories of his days at school.

    2. insertwackynamehere


      Au contraire. His frat probably loved him :-P

      (Remembers Bill CLinton = Slick Willie)

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    2. BlueSonnet


      Maybe it's legacy. Maybe i downloaded the wrong version of HR. But i do recall using god mode to check for myself if it was possible to beat him. I pumped all my rockets into the forehead and all my BFG shots and still didn't hurt him. I even went into noclip mode to see that the sector with romeros head was too low.

      and again

      I pumped all my rockets into the forehead and all my BFG shots and still didn't hurt him. I even went into noclip mode to see that the sector with romeros head was too low.

      Ah well what's the point in bitching? The HR guys still did a good job. :)

      btw: I prefer Zdoom but didn't have a compatible version at the time i first downloaded HR. So i used Legacy instead :(

    3. Grazza


      Actually, it seems that it's not even Legacy that is failing it here.

      Download this little file (30k) and extract the file called hr30nomo.lmp. This is a Doom2.exe demo of HR map30 with -nomonsters, but it just happens to play back OK with Legacy. And sure enough the icon dies.

      Check you had the strategy right, and that you weren't using mlook aiming.

    4. BlueSonnet


      OK. I'll give it one more try, grazza's demo and having another shot at bathumet, though i'm not going to be around for a while to give you feedback. Is that ok? :)


    Now there's something you don't hear me say often.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. kain


      it was more funny than confusing, but it was confusing. lol.

    3. Remilia Scarlet

      Remilia Scarlet

      the_Danarchist said:


      Wha? heh, I found it rather un-confusing and not at all fucked up. Genocyber...now that was confusing.

    4. BlueSonnet


      the_Danarchist said:


      Two words: Dragon half

      TeamKill said:

      Is that a fish of Lum's ex-fiancee by chance? Ran was his name, right?

      Nope. It's TSTuke (not an exact conversion of me into a cartoon character. Just a representation of me. Think Ralph Harris, if you know him that is). I'll upload the big piccy onto my site when i get the space. I can't upload it onto deviant art because they might steal it (they can legally take away your art)

      This one is my current favourite methinks. =^.^=

  15. Have i been a right little spammer recently? I mean, when i crack off the occational joke or one liner i mean nothing more than a harmless joke but if it's coming to the point of annoying everyone i'll gladly stop.

    What do you think?

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    2. Python_Junkie


      the_Danarchist said:

      Especialy when you become a mod then lose it and get banned a week later for acting like a moron.

      And this is reference to who?

    3. Danarchy


      Its not in reference to anything. What are you talking about? You've never been banned right?

    4. kain


      i somehow got stuck in the goofy phase.

  16. Something i did when i went to my sister's "stars in their eyes" thing at her school. Everyone who's seen it says it's wicked but i dunno. Here it is for your viewing pleasure anyway.


    1. Darkstalker


      Looks like Gandalf evil twin brother :P Great drawing.

    2. Julian


      Gandalf the Gay.

    3. BlueSonnet


      Julian said:

      Gandalf the Gay.

      or Gandalf the shyte BP

  17. I hate the internet at this fucking school!!! They've got this stupid new netsweeper thing that is dumb as shit. I'm trying to log into geocities and it won't let me in because netsweeper is saying that it's a fucking sex site! HOW THE FUCK IS GEOCITIES A SEX SITE? Gotta complain to the fucking school about this! THEY'RE A BUNCH OF FUCKING MORONS.

    *phew* needed to let off some steam

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    2. auxois


      What the fuck? Binary? You're a dumbfuck.

    3. kain


      no, i am serious. it works.

    4. Fredrik


      No. You suck.

  18. http://www.deviantart.com/view/3001951/

    You've seen it before though. I sudmitted in for the sake of it and that Ranin did the full colour pic.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Julian


      Heh. I remember that pic. Quite old now, isn't it?

    3. dsm


      I dunno why this isn't in fan fic (the fact that it's been posted before isn't a reason to shy away from posting it again once you've put it up on a different url), but the pic is cool.

      I've probably seen it before since you claim that you've posted it before, but since I've seen so many art pieces in my time here at DW, I don't remember it too well, although I definitely remember another pic of a doomguy done in this style - most likely another of your drawings of the doomguy.

    4. BlueSonnet


      dsm said:

      I dunno why this isn't in fan fic (the fact that it's been posted before isn't a reason to shy away from posting it again once you've put it up on a different url), but the pic is cool.

      I think one of the main reasons i did this as a blog was because i spent an annoying half an hour to get to grips with the deviant art software. Originally i could only get it viewd on the site as a thumbnail, though you could download the file, which me and one or two others found annoying. So this blog is kinda about me getting it right. BD

      dsm said:

      I've probably seen it before since you claim that you've posted it before, but since I've seen so many art pieces in my time here at DW, I don't remember it too well, although I definitely remember another pic of a doomguy done in this style - most likely another of your drawings of the doomguy.

      The link in case you haven't beat me to it B)

      I don't intend to upload many doomart pics onto deviantart i might add. That's what my site is for. One of the main reasons of joining was for misc art, such as anime, schoolwork and any fancy photoshop stuff that i might do.

  19. I've decided to change my nick from BlueSonnet to my secondary, more older nick TSTuke (merci beaucoup Julian). I decided to do so partly because of the fact that there are quite a few BlueSonnets out there and only one TSTuke; me. Furthermore the nick TSTuke was around donkey years before BlueSonnet anyway, so naturally TSTuke to BlueSonnet is like Julian to The Merovingian, kaiser to deathman etc etc.

    Furthermore in my more mature years i couldn't help thinking if BlueSonnet sounded "girly" despite the artistic background behind it. So i didn't really like it in that sort of aspect.

    For those who didn't know about "TSTuke" (pronounced T-S-Tooyk), it's practically short for my full name, Tom Sonnie Tuke, with Tuke having an Irish background to it. It's my email address and you'll find the signature on my art etc.

    It's not permanent, but generally from now on i am TST. B)

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Julian


      Guys, I go offline for some time and you get a moron administrating the forums? Tell me he's french and hairy and the madness will be complete! Jesus fuck! Why not webmaster while we're at it?

    3. kain


      my last name is krnich.

    4. Danarchy


      Wow...I just now realized that Blue Sonnet is practicaly a synonym for what I want to call my first music project.

  20. A while back i recorded clips from the Fist of the north star series with a digicam. Originally i wanted to do a pantera video with clips from other animes too but i got bored of that idea because everyone does pantera videos.

    Today i decided to contruct a music video with the clips that i had. This time round idecided to use the tune for E2M1 from doom just to give it a n00b shot and now it's complete.

    It's not bad for a first go. The quality is shabby which is what one could expect from an amateur musiv vid. Too bad i can't get it uploaded anywhere for your viewing pleasure.

    Me wonders if anyone else has tried doing an amateur music video of some kind.

    1. kain


      i am thinking about hooking up different cams in my car and go joy riding. lol. one of my feet, one of my rear view, one front view, and one cam positioned on the side of the car facing forward.

      i have a vision that the first scene will have the geardge door opening( like with the camera on the ground getting a ground shit, ( not facing, just a view of my weist down.) me getting in my car, ( view of my feet ), ( view of my hand turning the key)( view of exhaust pipe shaking as i rev it )( then, a view of me leaving, and eventually showing the whole car.) all this happens with slow music, like the top gun music, at the biginning of the music. next scene ( shows my helmet coming onto my head, and me reving up, and me pulling into pole position. ( then then a slow motion view of my tires spinning, and then goes into regular motion. and different shit. can you understrand what i want? hopefully, i will get it done soon. when i get rid of my moms volvo and buy a civic.