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  1. I suppose i could expect that other english DWers have better luck than i do when getting from point A to point B, but over here english travel is so messed up, or to be fair and specific, the bus system, more because of the friggin drivers. Now there's been loads of occurences where those stupid pricks have pissed me off but two recent examples happened today and yesterday.

    Yesterday: The bus was 15 minutes late, though i will admit that's probably a frustrating yet casual thing to expect. Then about half way through the buses journey at a busstop in the town center the driver got out of the bus and walked off leaving the passengers on the bus to wait. Now i suppose one could argue that's what they always do because they have to change drivers, but even then A) having tried out some other buses to different areas it's never happened to the bus i was on B)They should change drivers in their own time when the bus has reached it's destination, not change halfway through the journey.

    But more to the point no driver showed up for 20 minutes before another driver came along saying that he's not going to show up and we had to get on another bus. Dumbasses.

    Today: Had a right lunatic for a driver who clearly couldn't drive. Not only did he drive fast and crazy he kept beeping unneccesarily at cars THAT WERE WELL AWAY FROM BEING CRASHED INTO! A prime example was when the driver was about to drive away from the busstop when a van switched lanes in front of him, now he wasn't right in front of him and he was well away too. Yet the fucking idiot driver thought it was OK to to stop the bus in the middle of the roundabout, get out the bus and use the foulest language (bit like the ones i've been using at this moment) in front of that same van (who was also in a jam). There were lil kids on my bus for goodness sake. Then later on he stopped the bus again in the middle of the road to have a chat with another driver. Dickhead.

    I dunno. The common bus drivers these days over here a so rude. I wish it was like the old days where drivers went throught proper training and not hire some clown to do the job.

    Oh well. Maybe i should quit whining and get a motorcycle.

    1. GS-1719


      There is definitely something with the bus drivers - a good percentage of them in Manchester are suicidal.

    2. AirRaid


      I agree - Busses in Bristol suck too.