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  1. A while back i recorded clips from the Fist of the north star series with a digicam. Originally i wanted to do a pantera video with clips from other animes too but i got bored of that idea because everyone does pantera videos.

    Today i decided to contruct a music video with the clips that i had. This time round idecided to use the tune for E2M1 from doom just to give it a n00b shot and now it's complete.

    It's not bad for a first go. The quality is shabby which is what one could expect from an amateur musiv vid. Too bad i can't get it uploaded anywhere for your viewing pleasure.

    Me wonders if anyone else has tried doing an amateur music video of some kind.

    1. kain


      i am thinking about hooking up different cams in my car and go joy riding. lol. one of my feet, one of my rear view, one front view, and one cam positioned on the side of the car facing forward.

      i have a vision that the first scene will have the geardge door opening( like with the camera on the ground getting a ground shit, ( not facing, just a view of my weist down.) me getting in my car, ( view of my feet ), ( view of my hand turning the key)( view of exhaust pipe shaking as i rev it )( then, a view of me leaving, and eventually showing the whole car.) all this happens with slow music, like the top gun music, at the biginning of the music. next scene ( shows my helmet coming onto my head, and me reving up, and me pulling into pole position. ( then then a slow motion view of my tires spinning, and then goes into regular motion. and different shit. can you understrand what i want? hopefully, i will get it done soon. when i get rid of my moms volvo and buy a civic.