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  1. I've decided to change my nick from BlueSonnet to my secondary, more older nick TSTuke (merci beaucoup Julian). I decided to do so partly because of the fact that there are quite a few BlueSonnets out there and only one TSTuke; me. Furthermore the nick TSTuke was around donkey years before BlueSonnet anyway, so naturally TSTuke to BlueSonnet is like Julian to The Merovingian, kaiser to deathman etc etc.

    Furthermore in my more mature years i couldn't help thinking if BlueSonnet sounded "girly" despite the artistic background behind it. So i didn't really like it in that sort of aspect.

    For those who didn't know about "TSTuke" (pronounced T-S-Tooyk), it's practically short for my full name, Tom Sonnie Tuke, with Tuke having an Irish background to it. It's my email address and you'll find the signature on my art etc.

    It's not permanent, but generally from now on i am TST. B)

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    2. Julian


      Guys, I go offline for some time and you get a moron administrating the forums? Tell me he's french and hairy and the madness will be complete! Jesus fuck! Why not webmaster while we're at it?

    3. kain


      my last name is krnich.

    4. Danarchy


      Wow...I just now realized that Blue Sonnet is practicaly a synonym for what I want to call my first music project.