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  1. One year ago i registered at DW forums. One year ago i posted my first art thread. One year ago i made my first post. One year ago i entered the madness of doomworld.

    Throughout that time i have spent many an hour, posted many an art thread, made 1297 posts, created many a thread, given many a lol or imo, expressed many an opinion, have lmao many an occation have gone on many an unnecessary emotional tangene,downloaded many a wad, created many a sprite, asked for much advice, , tried "unwillingly" trolling on several occations, offered help with either a tc or other topics, changed my name twice, got voted 7th sexiest guy on doomworld, took the life of a forum lurker, recently made a "dent" in the doom art section, and loads of other stuff that i can't remember, and in spite of it all i still see myself as a n00b.

    It's been tough. There's been upheavel, but i survived. I continued to play the game. I've had fun. In a forum as crazy as this, you just can't give up. There's always something dragging you back kicking and screaming. Something keeps calling you back. And in spite of all i can't help knowing that i made the right choice coming here. And even though i'm little more than a lurker these days, even though i don't take this stuff as seriously as i used to, I guess i can't say anything else other than thanks.

    Doomworld forums: The toughest joint around.


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    2. Kid Airbag

      Kid Airbag

      Just passed my three-year mark sometime in December. Damn, it seems so much shorter than that.

    3. Ichor


      No they don't. They did for about a day or two after it opened, but because it was such a spamfest, it was made hidden and the postcount++ removed.

    4. Melfice


      Your welcome, if I've done anything to help your experience here, that is (I don't think so but oh well).

      Please stick around and keep posting your artwork :) I don't know about others, but I like it, and think you're a good artist. Keep it up man!


      P.S.: Since you're posting as BlueSonnet again, you should try to get that old Ryoko avatar back, once the forums avatar thing quits screwing up, that was a really good one hehe.