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  1. Been up for a week now. I felt like showing it off. This is based on the manga artwork that i've been showing for the past few months. So now you can see what it's all about. :)


    Heh. I'm not really a fiction dude tbh. I prefer to draw (as you're all aware ;) ). Still, this would have taken me donkey years if it was a comic. In any case, i hope what i've learnt in English literature has paid off.

    Any ways that i may critisize it? Whilst the people i've shown it to say it's awesome, i can't help wondering if i've made some blunders. Firstly there were a lot of grammer errors before i put this up on fictionpress and whilst i've done my best to correct everyone of them, there might be one or two that i've forgotten about. Secondly, I tend to think i've been a bit repetitive with the choice of wording, and somehow i don't think i've explained much on the science of certain things. Still, it plays around the theme of mystery i suppose, and perhaps doesn't clog up the flow of the plot. That and perhaps one could say that it's a typical manga, though i've tried my best to steer the story away from something like the shit anime on tv. Ah well, i do this sort of thing for fun i guess.

    In any case i give you the story. Pretty long i might add for 3 pages. In any case, i hope you enjoy it. :)
    In case you're wondering about the setting, think of it as a world like FF7, in which there is the coexistence of advanced technology and basic technology.

    Keep a lookout for updates on the story.

    edit: Btw taking a look at it, some of the paragraphing is the result of fictionpress not me. Sorry for the inconvience. If you want me to send you the original word document(s) via email, feel free to to ask, as long as you can provide your email address.

    1. BlueSonnet



      A slight update. Here's the current cover for episode 2. Maybe due for a change