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  1. BlueSonnet

    Writing Contest Official Thread

    Allo my pretties. This is the official writing contest thread no less. I'll display the general rules plus a few Q&A to go with them to help get you into the swing of things. The rules and basis are faily similar to that of the art contests, mostly common sense really. The 3 big ones . You can show more than one entry but only one can be entered. . Nothing you dug out your drawer. New works only . No stealing other peeps work unless you're asking for deep trouble. What is the topic for the art contests? Varies every contest. The topic and theme is decided by the winner of the previous writing contest. We generally decide the wordlength, setting it up appropriately. It again varies from contest to contest. If it's a short story it generally between 100 to 3000 odd words, which isn't exactly concrete as it is limiting you from going way over the top. The amount of time you have to spend on your entry again varies. I was thinking for fanfic lengths like the one above should be given a bit longer than 2 weeks if it's pretty taxing stuff for the forumers. Trial and error go figure. Who decides the winner? Doomworlders in the everything else forum (via 3-day voting thread) Do you want the entries to be posted directly into this thread or linked to (due to the length)? I guess it would be preferable if you could post a link to the entry, especially if the fic is quite long. If it isn't possible then just post it here. Shouldn't be too taxing for viewers to just scroll down. Heh Btw if you're going to post it in a new thread (not the wrong thread mind) always be sure to call it writing contest entry (plus title) How about reworked old stories (i.e. edited for sucky content)? Short answer: No Long answer: We're talking major makeover of the original work here, necessary for the entry to be allowed in. The only thing similar to the original would be the basic plot; description, wording etc would be difference. And of course it'll still have to relate to the contest theme. What's the policy on profanity for this? Pretty much the same for any thread, picture etc that you post on these forums. You should be alright. Maybe post a warning for viewers before proceeding. Fuckidy fuck fuck. That's roughly about it. Any questions gimme a pm or email about it and i'll come back to you asap. Finally as Silverwyvern would say, these are for fun and amusement and not life and death. No flaming or whining and just enjoy yourself. :) -TSTuke ps: Kudos to the buggers who asked the above questions.
  2. BlueSonnet

    Writing Contest Official Thread

    Last writing contest hit the shitter in terms of lack of entries. Not much i could do i guess. So writing is dormant until it gets demanded again or whatever. Bleh.
  3. BlueSonnet

    My final flash movie

    I quite like that one. Very nice. Took a look at the other new one shootout. Heh, do those lizards ever stay down, or shoot back to put me out of my misery?
  4. Methinks Da Bode is this bloke. I've noticed the slight similarities.
  5. BlueSonnet

    Writing contest #2!

    Yup Yup Yup. Topic chosen by darknation This week's contest (fiction): describe a journey through Post Hell in the style of Dante's inferno. The former seems simple enough. Not an invitation for a flamefest mind you, so don't get too personal about it if you know what i mean :P. The latter a bit trickier for those not familier with Dante's inferno. But you can probably get the gist of it; man tours hell, interrogates the damned and so on. General rules are here. Any additional questions to wish to bug me with just fire away. Minimum word length is 100 words. The rough maximum word length is 2000-3000 words. And let's say 3 weeks for this one? Might make life a bit easier That out of the way, i wish you good luck. :)
  6. BlueSonnet

    Writing contest #2!

    An amazing outcome so far. Another week extra in case anyone gives two shits.
  7. BlueSonnet

    A month's worth of new sketches (NON DOOM RELATED)

    Yeah, where have you been dude? Otherwise i praise the lizard here for his efforts. I like the anti-pokemon comic, even if it is low-res.
  8. BlueSonnet

    Writing contest #2!

    As the pilgrim peered into the leering eyes of the man-creature before him, sharp emotions of repulse and fear raked down his already weary spine. Never had he observed such a monstrousity. Never had he wondered how the human race could sink so low. The demon took another stride forward, a powerful paw printing onto the blood-stained ground. Deathly dooming shades of yellow, orange and black flicked brighter as the roaring flames intensified in their approach. The thing was almost upon the petrified newcomer now; it's huge bloated bulk standing tall over its vunerable victim. And then. From those mangled lips. Those mangled frothing lips opening and reveal ing decaying teeth, came forth sounds, sounds that sickly formed into ghastly words."GOATSE LINKS ARE WICKED :D :D!1" But yeah folks, contest ends next week the last time i checked. Just to let you know.
  9. BlueSonnet

    Another art contest?

    Not anytime soon. Currently the main focus are the writing contests. It's a one-at a time sort of thing as i don't want to put pressure on those wanting to compete. Maybe the next art contest will after this writing contest. Maybe the one after that. Who knows. It overall depends on the demand for it, or whether or not we're prudent to breath fresh into it. On the other hand though since we have Agnes now i would be more possible to have more than one contest going on at a time. We'll just let this writing contest finish then we'll see. I do request however that such questions are not asked by starting a new thread. Please use private messaging in the future. I'm closing this thread for now, but after Writing compo no.2 has finished and we've had a chat about it i'll bump it open again to say the score. Thank you.
  10. BlueSonnet

    A crap load of Doom sketches

    Sarge and the ventilated commando get my vote.
  11. BlueSonnet

    A Mad Dash

    An interesting read. Last part reminded my of a scene from Day of the dead. :)
  12. Originally did this for the compo but decided not to enter it in the end. http://www.deviantart.com/view/16170995/ And some other stuff. Sort of doom 3 related (inspiration wise). You'll see. http://www.deviantart.com/view/13827275/ http://www.deviantart.com/view/14590124/ http://www.deviantart.com/view/15719297/ http://www.deviantart.com/view/15826590/ http://www.deviantart.com/view/16055995/
  13. BlueSonnet

    Pain elemental (and other stuff)

    I did do this a while back further but since it was really just a rough sketch with little to no doom influence, i didn't think it was particularly relevant. I'm currently doing one of the gangrene gang\amoeba boys and another of Danny phantom, and had intention of doing a fubared spongebob as well but the FMP at college is my priority at the moment. "That's all just well enough, because in reality there is only room enough in this world for one Mojo Jojo. One shall be the number of Mojo Jojos in the world, and the number of Mojo Jojos in the world shall be one. Two Mojo Jojos is too many, and three is right out. So the only Mojo Jojo there is room for in the world shall be me." :P You don't say...
  14. BlueSonnet

    Writing Contest Official Thread

    Writing contest #1: Entering Hell Winnah!: darknation Interesting turnout for the first contest i guess. I'll extend the time giving next time. Say 3 weeks tops? Winning entry: http://www.doomworld.com/vb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=31322 Contest thread: http://www.doomworld.com/vb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=31159 Contest Voting: http://www.doomworld.com/vb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=31446 OH AND BTW: NEXT WRITING CONTEST WILL START ABOUT THIS TIME NEXT WEEK. 22/4/05
  15. BlueSonnet

    Writing Contest No.1 Voting!!

    Last time i had a word with mancubus2 he said he wanted to steer away from doom sites. meh
  16. BlueSonnet

    Writing Contest No.1 Voting!!

    Sorry about that, though Monday doesn't seem a bad day to start, but whatever. So here we go Writing contest theme: Entering Hell MmM http://www.geocities.com/butrouben9/doom_fanfic.html lerner http://box43.net/~micah/archive/hell.html darknation http://www.doomworld.com/vb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=31322 You get the idea by now. Read. Vote. Or die painfully. ps: was going to say something about starting a new thread for a compo entry then remembered me saying something about posting a link or whatever due to space, so it's all good. Always be sure to name the thread "writing contest entry" though :P
  17. BlueSonnet

    Art Contest Official Thread

    Art Contest #10 - Doom 3 monster we didn't see Winning entry: http://www.geocities.com/thrust2ramjet/painelemental.html Contest thread: http://www.doomworld.com/vb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=30946 Voting thread: http://www.doomworld.com/vb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=31143
  18. BlueSonnet

    Writing Contest No.1 Voting!!

    I think me and Silverwyvern discussed that at one point once upon a time. Didn't go any further than that i don't think. Besides, the men in charge has been stone deaf to all my hosting requests (and mancubusnet isn't interested in doom related sites either). Anywho, darknation's the winner of the writing contest no less. Well done.
  19. BlueSonnet

    writing compo entry.

    nah not abandoned. Just a little busy.
  20. BlueSonnet

    MANGA DOOM FANART (finally)

    It's what i call "progressively dormant" at the moment, meaning not dead, but no longer competing with other wads. I just work on it regularly as a more private project these days. Unless it develops a cult or people offering help (both unlikely) it'll stay that way i guess. Mind you, it'll be somewhat different to what you expect when i do release it. When i look back at the designs now, it doesn't seem like a manga version of doom. More of a personal rethinking i guess. Heh. Maybe i should rename the project :P
  21. As promised. The first writing contest starts now. The rules are faily similar to that of the art contests, mostly common sense really. The 3 big ones . You can show more than one entry but only one can be entered. . Nothing you dug out your drawer. New works only . No stealing other peeps work unless you're asking for trouble. That aside i present the topic, along with guidelines. Fiction: Entering Hell . The themes involved would be macabre, horror, thriller or good old-fashion action, that sort of stuff. You can tweak it a bit to your liking as long as it matches the title, but if you still fancy scaring people shitless or whatever with your work be my guest. Speaking of tweaking.. . Whilst it'll probably strike people's boat if you write about badass demons and marines blowing shit up, your entry doesn't have to be fanfic orientated if you don't want it to be. Figured i'd be a bit open for our first one, for although we probably will have proper fanfic orientated contests in the future, your entry doesn't have to be about Doom. Just keep it related to the above themes. . Minimum word length is 100 words. The rough maximum word length is 2000-3000 words. Its ok to go a bit over the max. Just don't post a fucking novel in the time given if you catch my drift :P, and if you do you're probably breaking one or two of the above rules stated above anyway. . Contest ends in 2 weeks from now. Any questions i advise you post them here for me to answer, before you sudmit your entry preferably. One last thing. As with the art contests, these are for fun, and i hope you enjoy yourselves. You're free to start now :) Good luck.
  22. BlueSonnet

    Shameless Story plug...

    One to two chapters a week you say? That's impressive. Interesting stuff otherwise
  23. BlueSonnet

    It's true

    I kinda wanna blast Ghandi in Skulltag now. Instead i'll just blast this thread to the skulltag section, unless Carnevil wants to play thread volleyball.
  24. BlueSonnet

    Dance of Death

    Drawing in class. Those were the days. Its interesting to see you hark back to the original look of the imp by adding those insect wings. It kinda gives them a more hellish look personally.
  25. BlueSonnet

    Art Contest #10 voting

    niquel http://img236.exs.cx/my.php?loc=img236&image=spidermastermind9tu.jpg MmM http://www.geocities.com/thrust2ramjet/painelemental.html Agnes http://www.stud.ntnu.no/~heyer/re/cybien.jpg 3 choices. 3 days to vote. Get voting.