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  1. From what i know. That game was originally Russian.
  2. Chasm: the rift, Rebel moon/Rising and Hacx *somewhat obscure* are my favorite obscure fps games that i own.
  3. My favorite avatar is my avatar because i made it and it's mine. *Fite me*
  4. "I'm one nut short of a sack. But i can keep going!" - A random security guard from SSWTF Half life
  5. *insert shitpost comment here*
  6. Just Cause ,Half Life ,Metal Gear Solid ,GTA ,Resident Evil ,Marathon ,S.T.A.L.K.E.R. ,Serious sam ,The Elder Scrolls ,Hitman ,Ratchet and Clank ,Silent Hill ,Deus EX ,Bioshock ,Quake and Battlefield. *These are in random order*
  7. Kidnap him and throw him into a pile of rusty nails :)
  8. If this CP is closed then i'm gonna use my map in another CP
  9. I have no idea. I think people a getting shitty at him because this project was boom only.
  10. Episode 2 of freedoom phase 1 is a mess.
  11. could you at least release the wad with that maps that have been *so far* done?
  12. You can find this same map on and download it there.
  13. Better then the steam game.
  14. no thanks