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  1. Why the hell did they add a limit on the size of a file that you can upload? It's just a goddamn hassle to upload an image to imgur then post it here. Anyway here's a TC soo WIP that i shouldn't even show it here.
  2. You shouldn't bump old threads.
  3. wait a minute, this thread is from 2016! Why did you bump this old thread?
  4. Try and take some inspiration from not only doom Wads but other Egyptian themed games! Like powerslave and Serious Sam.
  5. i guess if you build a big box for a level then you use some script or something i guess you could make sorta a voxel based terrain thing. idk
  6. I already entered my map. Although i should've worked on it more. Oh well.
  7. I'd like to see a Dusk weapons mod for doom that changes every boss into Big John.
  8. Have you even played episode 2 of dusk? If so, Things will get better in episode 3! Also i think that demo you were talking about was for a game called RetroBlazer.
  9. Uhmm Don't you mean source?
  10. I like snakes.
  11. Guys he's talking about procedural generation. Sorta what Minecraft does, Generating the world as you play. Unlike oblige where you have to open up a program and generate the maps through that.
  12. Ah Right.
  13. Sounds GREAT! But would you be able to make a version without the sound effects?
  14. Hmm so i guess wolfenstein 2009 is abandonware. It's impossible to get it these days either online or in stores. Hell it seems as though they try to forget that it even existed! Which is a shame, because i really like the game.