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  1. I like DOOM slightly more then DOOM 2. I think it might be because it was the first version of Doom i played.
  2. That would be horrific.
  3. I suggest you use slade3 to put it together.
  4. I'm thinking of creating a Return to castle Wolfenstein/Wolfenstein 2009 themes Doom WAD/Mod And i need some of the weapons for it.
  5. B.J. is in the new Quake game. did i already say that?
  6. I have a slight dent in my skull because some cunt threw a rock at me when i was about four years old. I am also a lot taller then my mother and my older sister. I am also of French , German ,Irish and Slavic descent.
  7. You know. Now that the shadow worrier alphas have been released you would think that somebody has ripped the resources from the base files.
  8. Dear god.
  9. Does anybody else find the sound of rain calming?

    1. YukiRaven


      I do.  I love the sound of rain, especially as I'm falling asleep.  It leaves me feeling comfortable and at ease.

    2. Doomkid


      I think most people do! I certainly do anyway, though sometimes rain can actually make me inconveniently sleepy in the middle of the day because it's just that soothing

    3. cyan0s1s



    4. CARRiON


      Rain, and thunder. Yes.


      I love this site:

    5. 38_ViTa_38


      No. One day I woke up at 3:08 (a. m., of course) because of rain.

    6. BadLuckBurt


      Yes, only under the right roof though

  10. Ah shit! I cant pick just one. I like them all the same!
  11. The pork chops in the walls in castlevania. Like ew why would you eat some meat from a wall. God knows how long its been in there.
  12. Nicely done!
  13. B.J. is now a "champion" in the new Quake game.
  14. Oh. Um yeh i'll post some screenshots in a sec. EDIT: screenshots added