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    H-Doom 2 confirmed.
  1. To be honest i never really watched the newer series of Doctor who. I more or less watched the older series from the 80's and 70's on VHS When i was little. But i do think that this will end up similar to what happened to Ghostbusters.
  2. I would love to test this game when you allow it.
  3. I love this one!
  4. I always liked Corridor 7. Better then any of the other fps games that Capstone shat out.
  5. You could use the old green shotgun from 0.3 by fredrik. That shotty was nice!
  6. those two games run on a free W3d engine clone called "raycasting game maker" I've used it to make crappy game a while back.
  7. If i got hit on the head pretty hard and became a potato That'll sure stop me from dooming.
  8. Did they change the door sounds?
  9. I would go with Windows xp, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.
  10. I am working on a Rtcw / Wolfenstein 2009 themed WAD for doom and i am wondering if there are any midi covers of the music from "Return to Castle Wolfenstein"?
  11. Just run a pc update and it will automatically install the runtime that you need. It worked for me.
  12. I would like to see some new music for episode 4. Because some of the music in that are from other episodes and i think some are also from phase 2.
  13. I created my name after the first doom shovel-ware i had ever played. The D!zone. Also because it was the name i had on an older obscure doom fourm that doesn't exist now.