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  1. MrD!zone

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    If it's not a wad and it's artwork that you've drawn then shouldn't it go in here?
  2. MrD!zone

    Do You Like Doom 3?

    Personally I love Doom 3 as a Fps game, a Horror game and as a doom game. I don't know why but there's something about it that just really sticks with me.
  3. Wait a minute.. Isn't the original Doom's full title "Doom: Evil Unleashed"? As Doom 2016 is just "DOOM". Please correct me if i'm wrong.
  4. MrD!zone

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    This is for WIP mods or maps for doom. If you want the stupid mod ideas thread then go here >
  5. MrD!zone

    Who else isn't an adult here besides me?

    I am zero milliseconds old.
  6. MrD!zone

    If you were Doom Guy

    I'd let my instincts kick in. Load up on all of the resources I need. Weapons, Food, water, armor and such. And try to stay alive as long as possible. Although the scenario would most likely look like this.
  7. I'd pick the Lost soul, You don't need to feed them *I think*. Although they would be a bit of a fire hazard.
  8. MrD!zone

    Weirdest/Rarest games that you own?

    I've got G-nome and Helicops in their Big boxes.
  9. MrD!zone

    Why no Death Sound?

    Well it's kinda obvious that the Doomslayer is a Man. If you take off the helmet using a model viewer you get this.
  10. MrD!zone

    Your favorite track throughout classic doom?

    That's all.
  11. MrD!zone

    Doom girl HUD

    hey peeda.
  12. MrD!zone

    The story behind your custom avatar

    What in the actual fuck.
  13. MrD!zone

    I need some help

    Nothing. I'm just asking, Honest.
  14. MrD!zone

    I need some help

    Did you really make a account just to post this?