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  1. Screenshots here {Big}
  2. Doom the way id did would make somewhat alright replacements for phase one. But that would be too easy.
  3. This is a more polished version of a map i made a while ago for some old thingy. It replaces map01 of Doom 2. It's a fairly large level and it works in Doom retro *the source port* prboom, zdoom and gzdoom. The custom sky is an unused sky for Doom and the custom midi is "Transport" by David J. Finnamore. Some feedback on what i can do to improve it would be helpful. Download here>
  4. Is this what you're looking for?
  5. Nice work man! It kinda reminds me of powerslave but set in a jungle.
  6. >>Vanilla<<
  7. Can somebody help my find a copy of Classic Rivalry? I remember seeing a version with more stuff in it.
  8. The code for the 3do version of doom was released. But i have yet to see anybody make a updated version of the port.
  9. I recently made some jellied eels. I love em, Although about 99% of the people i know say it's gross.. It's not gross for me so thats kinda breaking the rules of this thread i guess.
  10. ok. Why not both?
  11. Because some mods work on skulltag that don't work on zandronum.
  12. Could we get a skulltag source port in delta touch? playing doom multiplayer and invasion on the go would be cool.
  13. You can still find it if you look for the freedoom sourceforge.
  14. Bacon + Eggs Brussel sprouts "Meat pies" as some people call them. Coffee Cheetos Chicken Jellied eels Potatos Meat Melted cheese on Garlic Bread Garlic -Other various food stuff.