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Everything posted by Teivman

  1. Disagree (You cannot improve something that was already perfect to begin with) *Sip* Quake was a good game.
  2. Disagree. nothing beats two barrels of buckshot blast Fortnite was the worst mistake that EPIC Megagames has made, And they need to get back to working on the Unreal series.
  3. I thought I could trust my friends and family.
  4. No opinion. This thread should end now, It's getting a bit out of hand.
  5. Teivman

    Slade 3 For Android

    I think it's pretty obvious.
  6. Teivman

    Today is National Cheese Pizza Day

    Cheese Pizza is good if you want to have pizza but without all the fun.
  7. Teivman

    So what is the best game on the build engine you think?

    The original release is free on steam, It also comes with a bunch of prototypes. Go ahead and give it a try.
  8. Teivman

    Today is National Cheese Pizza Day

    I like cheese pizza, Nice.
  9. Teivman

    So what is the best game on the build engine you think?

    For me? It's a tie between Blood and Shadow Warrior.
  10. Does this contain his new weapon sprites or is this the same build from last week?
  11. Teivman

    Slade 3 For Android

    I don't think you should be on here Kiddo.
  12. Teivman

    Slade 3 For Android

    Mapping and doing spritework on the go? Sounds like a neat concept, although it would be very difficult unless you used one of those touch screen pen things.
  13. Agree. Insomniac needs to remaster Disruptor like they did Spyro.
  14. Teivman

    Yet another 90s inspired shooter

    I hope to play the build that was in the teaser you posted a while ago. This game looks outstanding still.
  15. Good lord. I've stayed away from this meme because I know that stupid shit like this would get stuck in my head.
  16. Disagree. It is more satisfying to play old shooters with Tank controls then playing with the modern WASD-Mouse setup.
  17. Agree. The 3DO is an underrated video game console.
  18. Randy Pricksford amiright
  19. Agree. Daikatana is a fun game when you patch it.
  20. Teivman

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    97% of the Wads/Mods/TC's that I make never see the light of day.
  21. Teivman

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    This is the start of a bad idea.. Doomkatana: Just dai already.