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Status Updates posted by Teivman

  1. I'm still alive, somewhat.

  2. I've probably made over 90 total conversions/partial conversions that i have downright scrapped due to the knowlage of my poor blocky level design. It is really hard *for me* to make non linear techbase levels as i am more used to making more linear slightly realistic levels, which is a pain. I need help.

    1. Marlamir


      There no better thing than experience. try to look to your map and think what you dont like how will you improve, change that part. draw some ideas on paper and play with it, like erase some part draw new one etc. take inspiration from real life houses/ interior, like how they are build. by time you will be better.

  3. Does anybody know of any other 90's fps games that have been re-created in Doom?

  4. Hello 2018, Goodbye 2017. It's not been pleasant to say the least.

  5. Has anybody made midi covers of the music from Quake III?

  6. Is there a standalone weapons pack for the weapons that are in Stronghold? I really like the style of them.

  7. It's my birthday Woo Hoo!

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    2. Teivman


      Yeah. I know, getting closer and closer to death isn't really a good thing but at least i get some free stuff...

    3. BigDickBzzrak


      You're not getting closer to death, you're getting farther from your birth. Meaning that "you've endured another year of life" which is totally a good thing. Happy birthday yo

    4. Teivman


      Ayy thanks man! 

  8. Does anybody know where i can get the gzdoom version of Serious Sam: The retro encounter?

  9. Could somebody please make a Deh for doom that adds the unused pistol animations?

  10. I just ate noodlecup noodles that expired seven years ago. Mmmm, I love the taste of death.

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    2. Ichor


      Try our new Noclip Noodlecup Noodles! The noodles that go right through you!

    3. Marlamir


      LOL :D where the hell you get them?

    4. Teivman


      Well they were in a box of foodstuffs that we recently got given to us. i didn't even bother to check the use by date for the noodles.    




      That was a BAD mistake.

  11. Does anybody know where i could find the original release of Operation Arctic-wolf by laz rojas? Not the Special edition. The original version.

  12. Happy Halloween in like an hour and a half.

    1. Marlamir


      Happy halloween

  13. Has anybody exported "Wolfstone 3d" from Wolfenstein 2: The new colossus yet? it seems to be the original DOS version of wolfenstein 3d modified and then somehow emulated in-game.

  14. Re: I got some money a couple of days ago and now it's mostly gone 


    1. Marlamir


      so what the point of this status update?

  15. Not really thread worthy but could somebody please fix this link? https://www.dropbox.com/s/okg4unlxqhmrm29/UNLOVEDalpha.rar?dl=0 It's the alpha/demo thingy of BlueEagle's unloved standalone game that he released a while back.

    1. Phade102


      I doubt it'll be fixed, since the full game is avaliable on steam now.

    2. Dragonfly


      Also, without downloading it there's absolutely no indication from you about what needs fixing. Nobody's going to give you their time if you won't give yours up first! :P

    3. Teivman


      The link is kill...

  16. Is it me or is the intro part to doom 3 a lot like the start of half life 1?  


    Half life - You arrive at work where everything is fine at first then this experiment fucks up then aliens arrive through portals and stuff like that.  


    Doom 3 - You arrive at work where everything is fine at first then they open up a portal then shit happens then demons arrive through portals and stuff like that.



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    2. Chickensoup101


      Glad Doom 16 started where you woke up, everything went to shit and demons is already arrived!

    3. geo


      You're not the first to notice.

    4. Lila Feuer

      Lila Feuer

      id were also jelly of Valve's shiny new gravity gun and made a knockoff counterpart for Resurrection of Evil.

  17. I wonder if there will ever be a FreeTNT

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    2. Jayextee


      > download FreeDoom phase 2
      > run TNT: Revilution with the FreeDoom phase 2 .wad
      > ?????
      > PROFIT!

    3. silentzorah


      I'd rather have The Freetonia Experiment.

    4. Teivman
  18. There was loud bang outside of my house and i don't know what caused it.

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    2. geo


      People in my area still set off fireworks a month later. Anyway as for the loud bang. Backfire of a lawnmower? Are you in a war zone? Could be bombs. Here's a fun one for you.... a few years ago there was quite the loud bang. I found out a week later that the historical mansion less than a mile away had a bomb. Like a literal bomb that one of the custodians delivered. So the loud bang I heard was the cops safely detonating the device outside. There's 0 chance of that ever happening.... or happening in the first place.

    3. Voros


      Maybe it was Doomguy firing his Super Shotgun.

      It's possible.

      Or maybe one of those electrical poles/stuff exploded. This happened around my area (as in right next to my room. You can see the explosion too, if you're lucky enough to look at the right time. It's only ~5 feet away.) so many times.

    4. Battle_Korbi




      It was definitely Doomguy. He shot him, killed him, I guarantee. Otherwise we would hear a reply by now :D

  19. Does anybody else find the sound of rain calming?

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    2. CARRiON


      Rain, and thunder. Yes.


      I love this site: http://rainymood.com/

    3. vita


      No. One day I woke up at 3:08 (a. m., of course) because of rain.

    4. BadLuckBurt


      Yes, only under the right roof though

  20. There's cream cheese in the middle of my chocolate muffin. WHY!?!?

  21. WW1 doom mods when?

    1. Benjogami


      I made a ~15 minute speedmap that is a very accurate representation of WW1 for you, for Doom 1.





    2. Teivman
    3. Benjogami


      I spent 10 more minutes to make it 500% better, cause it was just slightly too bad for my tastes :P