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Posts posted by Teivman

  1. 20 minutes ago, InsanityBringer said:

    From what I recall regarding prisoner 849, the plan originally was to have you play a female character, but in practice the original release gave you character select before entering the game. dunno how but I somehow got it into my head that the "dante" skin was the default char for the longest time. I think the later releases which borrow the UT menu set the player character to a female by default.


    Translator messages that refer to the messiah are usually genderless, but there's one exception in Bluff Eversmoking where they refer to a "warrior princess"

    Back in the early stages of Unreal's development the main protagonist was going to be a female. But as more action games at the time were starting to have female protagonists the devs decided to leave it as the users choice.

  2. 2 hours ago, Edward850 said:

    Indeed that seems to be the case:


    It's even more egregious that he even outright says "I need money for food", so either ketmar just completely fails to make the connection or he actively thinks nobody else deserves to eat for their work.

    >Asking for money 


  3. On 10/30/2018 at 4:03 PM, FractalBeast said:

    It could be Ashes to Ashes, but I am certain it featured both outdoor areas as well as indoor areas. Also, I don't remember the game featuring the capture of "evil brains" hahahah. I specifically remember once crawling through air vents or a sewer (yay for oldschool nonsense scifi textures) to get some kind of invisibility powerup.

    Hmm, Was the game for dos or windows, And did it have vehicles? Because it could be Necrodome or Z.A.R.