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  1. There was loud bang outside of my house and i don't know what caused it.

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    2. geo


      People in my area still set off fireworks a month later. Anyway as for the loud bang. Backfire of a lawnmower? Are you in a war zone? Could be bombs. Here's a fun one for you.... a few years ago there was quite the loud bang. I found out a week later that the historical mansion less than a mile away had a bomb. Like a literal bomb that one of the custodians delivered. So the loud bang I heard was the cops safely detonating the device outside. There's 0 chance of that ever happening.... or happening in the first place.

    3. Voros


      Maybe it was Doomguy firing his Super Shotgun.

      It's possible.

      Or maybe one of those electrical poles/stuff exploded. This happened around my area (as in right next to my room. You can see the explosion too, if you're lucky enough to look at the right time. It's only ~5 feet away.) so many times.

    4. Battle_Korbi




      It was definitely Doomguy. He shot him, killed him, I guarantee. Otherwise we would hear a reply by now :D