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  1. GZdoom Zero tolerance

    Any release date yet? I'd very much like to play this.
  2. GZdoom Zero tolerance

    Still can't wait to play this. This mod looks amazing. Hoping you release a beta soon.
  3. GZdoom Zero tolerance

    Do you have anyone else to help with the scripting? I'd hate to see this project not make it to completion just because of some coding issues.
  4. GZdoom Zero tolerance

    I just haven't made more yet. I can whip up more though. Not entirely sure how to import them into the game yet however. Glad you like them though :) I'd really like to get a full mod finished at some point. Gonna need the game released first though so I have something to add them to. Really would like to know what the status is. Hope it's still in the works.
  5. GZdoom Zero tolerance

    I apologize for reviving what is possibly a dead thread, but I have to ask; is this project still ongoing? I really want to be able to play this! I also would like to know if you'd have any interest in having someone do some HQ textures for your port. Obviously as like a secondary mod or something. I have a few that I've been messing around with and wouldn't mind sharing. They're not perfect, and I forgot to make them all the same size, but I can always do more if you're interested. link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/q3r7cmkx09spzp3/AACr-sUdE-s12p8evbr-RRHea?dl=0