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  1. Dropkick Jester

    Do you want a Doom 3 Collectors edition?

    Pray tell; where did you get this Ultimate Doom poster? Just curious...
  2. Dropkick Jester

    Breathing air on the surface of mars? Leak vid question

    Ah. The very video many a fan is so vehimently opposed to. I haven't seen it yet, for I fear the man will crack down upon me. (Well that, and the fact I haven't activly looked for it.)
  3. Dropkick Jester

    Do you want a Doom 3 Collectors edition?

    I wouldn't mind a Doom poster being included, myself. (God knows I've been trying to find one for two years now.) An old school Doom II cover poster, or something of the like... Also, perhaps a package somewhat like the Warcraft III collectors edition came in; larger, displayable box with a cinematic DVD and concept art book. Who knows...
  4. Dropkick Jester

    Realism or Surrealism?

    While realism has an undisputed place in a world such as one rendered in any of the Doom saga, it would not be the same without a sense of surrealism in the surroundings. As said by many here already, both mixed together equally (or as the situation would deem apropriate) would be a sucessful venture.
  5. Dropkick Jester

    Age of people playing Doom these days!

    Started playing DooM around the age of 16, and continue to do so at the ripe old age of 22. First post. Nice place you got here...