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  1. Because it is trying to kill you in the first place, duh. Screw PETA. If a pitbull was eating me alive, I'd silence it.
  2. Unlike most of you guys, the map enhancements are cool IMO. Because Brutal Doom is a mod, not the original game... if you don't like a certain feature, don't play it. Though, the voxel plane looks like shit and they need to remove it asap.
  3. All I see in this thread is people acting like Doom isn't a very well known game (at least now a days), if this was true, why would there be so many users on Doomworld? Why would there be a lot of Doom YouTube channels? Doom isn't some obscure opensource game like Sauerbraten. It doesn't 'need' more players as it has a strong player base. If you really want newbies to play Doom have them play the vanilla I WADs in GZDOOM. I had one friend who played Doom 4 but wanted to play the old Dooms and I recommended he check out GZDOOM (he's a more modern gamer, he plays Payday 2, so I didn't think he would like Prboom+) and he liked it and plays it a lot and checks out many of gameplay mods and so on. TL;DR : Don't make people play Call of Duty gun mods or someshit.
  4. Someone add this to the Wiki.
  5. You say cartoony like it is a bad thing. :(
  6. I just checked the hyped new Icon of Sin and to be honest. I prefer the original boss. The new IoS can take damage from ALL guns (instead of just splash damage) and I defeated it in 1 minute. Very bland, dull boss.
  7. Left for Dead 2 is kinda slaughterish. There's shit tons of enemies you need to kill.
  8. This should be it's own thread/Duke 3D TC
  9. Meme WADs are piles of shit.
  10. No NO NO NO. Doom (I and II), Quake and Quake II all have different weapons with each arsenal having one strength and weakness.
  11. Cutscene, not gameplay.
  12. Well yeah the game is easy if you play it on EASY mode. hahah
  13. Well, that has more to do with musical taste. triggered
  14. Gimp is a very useful editor. I say gimps.