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  1. So basically you're editing the shading on the sprites? Hmm... I could probably touch something up in GIMP if you want some help.
  2. Haha, I spy OpenArena.
  3. Here, you can have this simple edit of GrandD(e)ad(meme) that I made. It would work great for a friendly NPC, similar to the Marines that you can find in certain maps played with Brutal Doom. (Edit: Make sure [if you use these] to credit the guys who ripped the sprites.)
  4. Ok. Maybe I could make a neckbeard Chaingun Commando.
  5. I always play Doom without saves.
  6. Why does Sorlag sound so obnoxious?
  7. IDK why but Doom being a part of the Bethesda family just sounds weird to me. I'm to used to it just being Id's game.
  8. Most Hated Genre of Music: Pop Favorite Music: Hardcore Punk Crossover Thrash Metal (often shortened to Crossover Thrash) Favorite Holiday: Christmas, Christmas is good.
  9. When it comes to fake players there really aren't as many as this thread makes it sound, I've honestly only seen a handful the past couple of times. When I type in chat people usually respond back. (Something bots wouldn't do.)
  10. Wouldn't it be neat if they announced Doom 5?
  11. Never played that game, but this wad looks great!
  12. I created a rough-draft of Forum rules for my site, you may read them here:
  13. No, KVELLER, they're the demons. (bad reference)
  14. Nightmare:
  15. Yeah modern gamers suck.