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  1. They're gonna be shareware, it will cost 100 dollars to register.
  2. DOOM IS THRASH METAL Doom II is thrash metal with tango music for some reason. Doom 3... horror? Doom 4 is some nice industrial with dubstep-ish crap. Quake 1 is industrial. Quake 2 is beyond industrial. Quake 3 is also industrial. Q4 (I don't know, no one cares about this game really.)
  3. They have sprites that fit Heretic's art-style more than this. Just do some searches for Doom, Duke Nukem, Hexen and so on and you should find some more fitting stuff. :)
  4. I've never played the game Rage, so I haven't quit.
  5. :(
  6. Not any video game characters, but Jessica Rabbit.
  7. Terry WADs.
  8. What if I like Anthrax?
  9. This makes me sad, I knew they wouldn't make HL3 anyway, but holy crap. Any new H-L game would be nice, official or semi-official.
  10. I always found this texture hilarious.
  11. That's in that wall face texture right?
  12. It's basically a midi rendition of Sargent D and the S.O.D. by S.O.D., what isn't to love?!?
  13. I don't even like this meme but this is some good work here.
  14. While I love all the Quake games, I'd love a revisit to the old theme.
  15. Here, have some L4D2 addons.