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  1. Sloogie Doogie

    DOOM HD Project

    Considering this HD project has been in the works 6 years... doubtful we'll ever see a final project. As badass as it is I stopped coming to see updates and teasing myself. I just happened to see a random pic of the models online and decided to look it up again after feels like 2 years today. No use admiring something I'll never see in my life. Sounds negative but just being realistic. Never say never... but you know... might as well in this case.
  2. Sloogie Doogie

    DOOM (1993) Textless Poster Search

    I know I made this thread years ago and have been on the hunt for this textless art all that time and I think I just may finally have a breakthrough. Let's just say if the product comes in high quality as described... I'll be scanning it. ;)
  3. Sloogie Doogie

    Doom Neural Upscale 2X [v 1.0]

    My God! This looks amazing! I just found this and I am so happy. Very good work. Tbh I think this is cooler than a 3D remake. Still feels and looks like real DOOM! THANK YOU!
  4. Sloogie Doogie

    Doom II Roland SC-55 Music Pack (and others)

    Never mind, The issue is that when playing DOOM with the Raw files... there are missing files. For example, E3M1's music file is missing entirely in the Raw version. I'm sure that could be fixed easily but no matter cause I just downloaded the Boosted music pack and it sounds better for the gameplay anyway. I used the Raw music pack for months but switched today. The Raw is too drowned out with the other sound effects when playing, as others have stated before.
  5. Sloogie Doogie

    Doom II Roland SC-55 Music Pack (and others)

    Ok, so I noticed a few months ago that in DOOM 1 that E2M9 and E3M1 (same music track used for both) aren't both the new Roland track. One is but the other is the standard midi track that is used without the music pack. I use GZDOOM. Any ideas?
  6. Sloogie Doogie

    DOOM HD Project

    Been a long-time follower of this project but never posted about it. Just wanted to say... This project really is fucking amazing... Seriously he has crafted such great models and I just want to say you are very good at your model work. I hope to see more in the future. Cacodemon model next? Haha He's my favorite demon from DOOM and he always looks off in recreations... I bet you'd nail him. I'd also love to see the marble wall textures of Baron, Archvile and Icon of Sin in 3D as well. Keep up the fantastic work! We're all thankful.
  7. Sloogie Doogie

    Favourite and least favourite DOOM levels?

    I find myself playing E2M8 a ton... Idk I just love playing around with the Cyberdemon. After killing all the Lost Souls, I just find it fun to run around dodging his rockets and fucking with him. Haha
  8. Sloogie Doogie

    Sealed Doom mail order etc. What is it worth?

    Is the mail order sealed copy from the USA or another country? Thanx.
  9. Sloogie Doogie

    Sealed Doom mail order etc. What is it worth?

    I assume you eventually sold that sealed Doom? You ever find out which version it was inside?
  10. Sloogie Doogie

    GZDOOM Ver. 2.2.0 no sound for certain items.

    Ok, Guys... after much trial and error and research... I've solved the problem myself. Since GZDOOM was created mainly for Ultimate Doom(all sound effects work fine when launching Ultimate Doom wad) I assume the Soul Sphere sound effect just couldn't be found when playing Doom version 1.2 (better imo than Ultimate Doom for many reasons) and so I created a wad file with only the Soul Sphere sound effect and added it in my GZDOOM launcher and presto! It's now working perfectly. Case closed.
  11. Sloogie Doogie

    GZDOOM Ver. 2.2.0 no sound for certain items.

    That makes sense because I doubt that particular sound was absent in any release.
  12. Sloogie Doogie

    GZDOOM Ver. 2.2.0 no sound for certain items.

    I did discover that the sound effect is working with Ultimate DOOM but not versions 1.1 and 1.2.
  13. I'm having an issue... I play DOOM (ver. 1.2) through GZDOOM (Ver. 2.2.0 64 bit) and everything works perfect except when I pick up a soul sphere. No sound effect at all. I am very confused because It always had sound in the past. I tried Zandronum and same issue. I even tried newer builds of GZDOOM. It used to have the sound effect and now nothing and I checked the sound settings and all that. Any help is appreciated. Thanx.
  14. Sloogie Doogie

    DOOM 1.1 - 1.9 WADs

    Because a lot of maps were changed (shifted, etc.) and I see no reason to do so. The 1.666 version was the first pc release on disc and floppy to my knowledge and it is my preferred version.
  15. Sloogie Doogie

    DOOM 1.1 - 1.9 WADs

    Oh and I own an original CD-Rom DOOM II Big Box version and I checked the WAD file and it is version 1.666. That's the only version I play anymore.