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  1. Redead-ITA

    Shatter Earth - Beta (Gameplay mod) v0.4

    I have some gripes on the menu and Hud, the menu feels like it's going outside my screen, while my Hud feels squashed in the center. can't get a Screenshot of the menu so have the one for the Hud.
  2. Redead-ITA

    [Boom] Out of this residential corner

    Honestly, yeah, i probably should have removed the chaingun, i was thinking of doing something with it via putting some imps up there, but then i got the idea of the cyberdemon soon after and i kind of forgot to remove it.
  3. A small map i decided to make after a long while that i didn't map, just to show that i have still got it. Made it in Boom format, using the Vrack Botanicals textures from DBP of the same name Tested with Nugget doom 3.0.0 Screenshots: Download!
  4. Redead-ITA

    Any italian Doomers here?

    Yes, i too am Italian, i would also like to name Atronx who is also Italian and he has also made a map for the first eviternity.
  5. I've been curious myself if i could join a Nova Project seeing my last submission for 3 didn't end up in there, despite having 7 years of doom mapping on my resume.
  6. Redead-ITA


    Quick update, we have now an Actual GZdoom build (extremely esperimental, be sure to report any bugs!) be aware that this is mostly for people that want to play the mod with other gzdoom mods/MBF21 mapsets, we had to removed Multiplayer related stuff the most part (hats and selfie camera to be exact) seeing it's not expected to be used for cooperative gameplay. for more info i would recommend reading the blog post here: https://revenatn.itch.io/byoc/devlog/657427/byoc-v15-for-gzdoom
  7. Redead-ITA

    Share Your Sprites!

    I though it was because you wanted to play bowling.
  8. In short: I am taking hiatus on doom stuff, not sure how long, maybe next week il release a Full megawad magnum opus, but until that don't expect me to do something big, i will still be there for interesting Collab stuff if there are some but il probably be minor, for now i will do animations and art on my spare time and maybe game dev too.



    So Cacowards have arrived...


    Il admit i never expect that i would even be able to get a Cacoward in my life, considering my quality of my stuff, the fact that Byoc got a cacoward has officially not made my day, it made my epitome of my career, To have been successfully rewarded a PNG that says "Yes, we of this forum thinks this is really good and we heavily recommend checking it out." (Don't worry i haven't forgotten Auger;Zenith even if my contributions ended up being very minor), I know it might come as somebody who has a problem with it, but i do not, i didn't even care to get a Cacoward when i first started out.


    But after 7 years of providing with the community with maps, mods and games, i feel like i need to take a big break, one that might even be the Longest one i will take, maybe it will be short, but i will be one.

    A lot of stuff has happened especially in recent years and admittedly i feel like i should put a statement to make my decision clear and just, so this is what i will do, i will still be along with the byoc crew to keep working on byoc and Maybe on other mods, perhaps also release the unfinished mistery of red island and update rTex but i might decide later on it.


    Oh and if by any chance you need any of my assets i have worked on up to this day, they are now fully 100% free to use, Music, Sprites, textures and the likes, just make sure to credit me. 



    If you still want to talk to me, You can still Dm me on Doomworld, i am always open to talk if need be.

    Check me out on Newgrounds and Youtube, but preferably more on Newgrounds seeing i also post art there from time to time.

  9. Redead-ITA

    Share Your Sprites!

    Man Deus Vult is getting some love it seems.

    23 years old now!

    1. Rancid Sam

      Rancid Sam

      Happy birthday, Red!


  11. Redead-ITA


    BYOC 1.0a has been released! Changelog Downloads are in the first post.
  12. Redead-ITA

    MAYhem 2023 - Uploaded!

    I updated My map given the feedback of plums on it, I decided to change the switch to the elevator so that it made more sense gameplay wise. May2023red.zip
  13. Redead-ITA

    MAYhem 2023 - Uploaded!

    Or it could be because you are testing it in gzdoom and not Eternity engine as it was Noted by the Obsidian in the start of the thread. Though i would want to point it out, but i am not sure if you can run eternity formatted maps on gzdoom.
  14. Redead-ITA

    Supplice - Out now on Steam!

    Funny you say that, because Episode 2 is planned to release this Realms deep, according to the most recent update.
  15. Redead-ITA

    Supplice - Out now on Steam!

    Because you can just like... Load it up? that mod isn't restricted to be from Doom only you know.