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  1. As long as the floor details or bumps don't interrupt the established flow of combat I see no problem with them. There's obstacles [pillars, acid pools, crushers, crates; etc] and there's details [grates, small debris, shallow sunk in/elevated sectors; etc]. Obstacles change the flow of combat and present a new challenge to the player to keep each encounter interesting yet relevant. Details give the player something to admire between combat zones that reveal additional elements about the story behind the level. The problem occurs when details become obstacles. Items in the level that were intended to only enhance the visual aspect of the level but take up too much space in the environment. Maybe that split-level section of the floor is a bit too steep. Perhaps the debris from the collapsed ceiling is too tall or too wide in some areas. Does there need to be so many crates in this room? These are some things that the player can and will get stuck on. This can easily grind combat to a halt which will result in a clunky, awkward, and ultimately frustrating gameplay.
  2. I like the Demon (Pinky) death sound because if you listen closely you can hear a heavy *thud* when it hits the ground. I don't notice this as much with the other death sounds. A close second would be the Arch-Vile because of that "why..." sound that Ajora mentioned. It adds depth to the character and I enjoy those kind of tiny subplots that reveal more about the character and the universe the story takes place in.
  3. Works for me as well. Too bad it doesn't look like they'll be released until next year.
  4. The screenshots look spectacular! I can't wait until the wads are released!
  5. I like the red one, but feel like the grey might be too grey. It seems like the standard Doom textures are mostly grey and brown, so a grey sky might not pop like the other skies do. My personal favorites so far are the caveworld, and the asteroids falling. They're all amazing so far and I really look forward to seeing how people use them in maps!
  6. If it isn't too late, I'd like to join the project. I currently have a map fully outlined. It just needs to be detailed and a couple areas rebuilt. I'm hoping that being a part of a team again will give me the motivation I need to finish it.
  7. My biggest problem is that I make my levels way too long and end up getting burnt out in the detail phase. The majority of my maps never see completion for this reason. I'm also a sucker for ZDoom effects. All of my maps end up being so inundated with control sectors, scripts, and overlapping 3D effects that the map becomes impossible to follow. I need to implement a system to regulate how much "eye candy" I put in my maps and establish a maximum size to build in. Then maybe I'll finally make a map that's beatable in under 5 minutes without speedrunning.